Plot: In the near future, a species of shape shifting aliens named the Empiros arrive in the Pokemon World hidden in a meteor and launch a full scale invasion. 5 years later, the Empiros have won the battle. Using their technology, they created mind control technology to enslave the Pokemon. Without Pokemon to aid in the fight, mankind was soon conquered. Now the Pokemon, completely under the alien’s power, work endlessly to keep the Empiros’ new empire running and humans are being hunted to near extinction. But a group of brilliant scientists create the Kamen Rider system, which can give the user incredible strength and reflexes, along with an arsenal of powerful weaponry. A woman named Sora is the first to try the new system, and while it works well, the numbers of Empiros, in the form of mutated monstrous Pokemon, begin to prove too much…until a mysterious man arrives. Having no name that even he knows, the man uses a different type of device to become a Kamen Rider named Draco and aids Sora in fighting off the Empiros forces. While not even he knows who he is or where he came from, he may be the only one that can aid Sora in saving humanity from the evil of the Empiros.

My characters:

Name: Drake
Kamen Rider Name: Draco
Animal Base: Dragonfly
Age: Looks around 20, but he doesn’t know.
Personality: Somewhat naïve and mysterious, but has a strong sense of justice. He will protect those who need protecting, no matter what.
History: A mysterious man that somehow got the Draco Belt, which lets him transform into Kamen Rider Draco. He has no memory of his past life but is a very skilled fighter.
Rider Appearance: Green with a gray fabric between the joints that is surprisingly durable. The head has two large red eyes and the mouth has a ‘rib’ pattern to it. He also has a jetpack on his back to allow flight. When it does so, it extends four energy wings. The Draco Belt has a dragonfly buckle design.
Weapons: Has a stinger like blade emerging from each wrist, these are retractable. He can also extend a flamethrower-like device from his jetpack.

Rider Kick: pushes the wings down on his dragonfly belt and energy charges into his foot. He flies into the air and comes down with a diving energized roundhouse kick.
Dragon Stinger: the energy from the dragonfly belt goes to one of this wrist blades and he drives both into his opponent, discharging energy before throwing them overhead where they explode.
Rider Punch: The energy goes to his fist and he spins around and uses a discuss punch to his opponent.

Jarret: Sora's ally with the resistence.