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Thread: Days After Slumber - Crimson Shell (HilbertCressLover and NfiNity)

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    Default Days After Slumber - Crimson Shell (HilbertCressLover and NfiNity)

    Claudia - Fin
    Xeno - Fin
    Shion - HCL
    Wilhelm - HCL
    Victoria - HCL
    Ruskin - HCL
    Robin - Fin
    Melissa Fin
    Les - HCL
    I don't think I'm forgetting anyone. ^^;

    The Red Rose headquarters had returned mostly back to normal after the incident with the Black Roses. Xeno and Shion’s bodies had yet to be found though… And Claudia still remained asleep. However, not everything was normal lately…

    Wilhelm walked into Claudia’s room where she laid asleep. Normally he would walk in and just come out, but this time… Something different occurred. Claudia actually began to… Wake up.
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    In the back of the room, shrouded in darkness, lay the girl who was sound asleep. After the incident that occurred where Wilhelm had taken her away from the one person who really mattered to her, Xeno, Claudia saw no point in waking up... but she could no longer just sleep inside her warm bed. It was doing her no good, and most of all.... she knew Xeno would want more for her.

    Her eyes opened up, and she finally saw her room again... it felt like forever since she had seen anything.


    She looked over to the man who had been with her for a very long time.

    OOC: Is this alright...? XD Also, I made it sound like Wilhelm was some kind of bad guy unintentionally. XD

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    OOC: Uh-huh! Or maybe intentionally? XD

    Wilhelm's eyes widened due to surprise. Claudia hadn't woken in so long, he was sure that she wouldn't wake up for a little longer at the very least. He then smiled.

    "Dia, you're finally awake. You'd been asleep for quite some time, as I'm sure you know." He said while giving her some water. She didn't need food or drinks or anything, but it couldn't hurt to give her some since she hadn't had any in so long.

    He wasn't sure if he should tell her the new "information" he received though... She'd only woken up, and he didn't want to cause her any more damage.

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    OOC: Oh thank arceus. >_< What, no, course not.

    Claudia took the glass of water and stared into it... her mind flashed back to when Xeno was left along with Shion... Did they survive? She was of course more worried about Xeno, but in her heart, she also felt a bit bad for Shion. He was similar to her. They were both just lonely. Maybe if she met Shion again, she could change him and help his dark soul?

    "Xeno... Wil, what about Xeno?! Did you ever find him!?", Claudia expressed her worry over Xeno, and even though she had just woken up, she was not afraid to ask of what happened to him. "And Shion?! Did you find him? If you could find at least one of them, then I'm sure you could find the other...!!"

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    OOC: No need to worry. XD Poor Wilhelm. XD

    Wilhelm closed his eyes and sat in a chair that was next to the bed. "Dia, maybe we should wait a bit longer to tell you some... Things." He smiled a little. "You've only just woken up after all. No need to worry about things so soon."

    He got up, and was ready to head out the door. "I know you have only woken up... But perhaps you should rest a little longer? It would be terrible if things got out of hand..."

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    Claudia watched as Wilhelm went near the door's exit. She wondered why he would keep such things hidden from her. Wilhelm knows how much Xeno means to Claudia, why would he not tell her the truth? Did he do it for her, knowing she couldn't handle the truth?

    "Wil wouldn't say such things without reason... I'll listen to him for now. He'll tell me eventually", thought the curious girl.

    With that, she got up from her bed, went into the bathroom and got dressed in her usual outfit. She also exited the room, along with Wilhelm.

    "Has much gone on since I've been asleep?", asked Claudia.

    OOC: Is Ruskin-san coming soon~~?

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    OOC: Yes, unfortunately. -_-

    Wilhelm didn't look at Claudia. "...Well, some things have happened since then..." He said to Claudia while opening a door, "But it might be best for you to find out what yourself."

    Ruskin came out of the door. He was taken by surprise though, seeing Claudia up. "What!? The little miss is up!?"

    Wilhelm nodded. "Obvious point, but yes, she finally has awoken."

    Ruskin was happy to see Claudia up, but then went over to Wilhelm. "Have you told her anything yet?" He whispered.

    "No. She'll find out soon enough anyway."

    Ruskin wasn't so sure, but didn't argue. "Well, glad to see you up. How ya feeling?" He asked Claudia.
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    OOC: Oh come on, Ruskin-san needs love too.

    It felt like forever since Claudia saw Ruskin's face. It felt like forever since she'd seen anything, to be honest. Everything seemed so dull without Xeno, though...

    "... I'd by lying if I said I felt great... How have the other members been since I've been asleep?"

    Claudia didn't look up at Ruskin's face, she continued looking toward the grown, with a lifeless look on her face.

    OOC: Just tell me when Robin and Melissa should come. XD

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    OOC: Not from me. -_-; Robin and Melissa can come next, if you want.

    Ruskin looked at Claudia with a concerned look, and then highfived her back. "Cheer up little miss!! You just woke up! You should be happy!"

    Wilhelm sighed. "Ruskin, how do you expect her to cheer up at the moment?"

    "Well, why don't you tell her all the details of what's happened since she fell asleep?" Ruskin said to Wilhelm. Wilhelm wasn't quite ready to be honest, but it may be better to tell her earlier rather than later...

    "Fine, have it your way." Wilhelm said to Ruskin before turning to look at Claudia, "Dia, you do remember what happened before you fell to sleep, right?" He asked her.
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    OOC: From Les, then. You should totally make them all lovey. Yay.

    "Hey, don't touch my back as you please, Ruskin---", Claudia shouted back, while blushing with slight embarrassment.

    Then she heard Wilhelm ask her if she remembered what happened before she fell into her long slumber...

    "I remember...," Claudia said with a look of slight terror, "Xeno was infected... he had to be left behind along with Shion... But.... what happened to them after that!? Did you ever retrieve their bodies?!"

    Just as Claudia was asking Wilhelm, in came the two energetic members of the organization; Robin and Melissa.

    "HIME-SAAAAAAN~~~!!!", shouted both Robin, along with Melissa who also shouted "CLAU-CHAAAAAAAN~~~!!!"

    Claudia had a look of slight shock from seeing Robin and Melissa, still as carefree as always.

    Robin look over to Wilhelm and Ruskin, "Oh, and hello to you guys too."

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    OOC: Oh god, do you know how awkward that would be!? XD

    Ruskin laughed and Wilhelm had an annoyed look on his face. "Leave it to you two to interrupt important talk."

    "Aw, leave it be for now, Wilhelm."

    "You were the one who suggested I tell Dia now anyway. Might as well tell her." Wilhelm then looked at Robin and Melissa. "What did you two come for anyway?"

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    Robin gave Wilhelm the same look he always had on his face; one of recklessness. "Come on, Wiiiil~~. Our missions are so dull, we just like to get back here and have fun! Isn't that right, Melissa?" Robin turned to his partner in missions they hardly ever finish.

    "Yeah! Being with Clau-chan and the others is much more fun than doing work!!"

    "Someone who always gets to be with her doesn't understand our pain!!", joked Robin, knowing it would probably irritate Wilhelm.

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    OOC: TRUE.

    And Robin was right, Wilhelm was irritated by that comment. He was already annoyed, but seeing those two slackers doing their usual slacking got him even more angry. "Sigh. Look, you two. I'm trying to tell Dia the important stuff that went on when she was still asleep. Mind leaving us alone until then?"

    As Wilhelm was about to walk away with Claudia, he turned back around. "Well, I suppose it couldn't hurt to tell her with you guys around, as long as you two behave for once."

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    OOC: Wil is such a hard ass.

    Robin and Melissa both smiled and nodded. "Alrighty, Wil-chan! You can count on us to behave!", exclaimed Melissa. "This better be worth behaving, Wil.", said the boy with goggles, although it was hard to tell if he was joking or not this time.

    Claudia just stood still during this entire fiasco. She finally looked up at Wilhelm.

    "Wil... will you finally tell me what's going on?"

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    OOC: It's his job. XD

    Wilhelm rolled his eyes at Melissa and Robin's comments. At least they said they'd actually behave for once though. He then turned his attention back to Claudia.

    "Alright, Dia. First things first... For some unknown reason, nobody but myself, Ruskin, Robin, Melissa, and Les remember all the stuff that happened with the Black Rose. Nobody even remembers that Xeno had been infected." Wilhelm looked over at Ruskin. "And Xeno's body still hasn't been found yet. Isn't that right, Ruskin?"

    Ruskin nodded. "Unfortunately... But that means there's still hope he's still alive somewhere."

    Wilhelm adjusted his glasses. "Yes, there's that, but... No never mind. Anyway, That's pretty much the basics, Dia."

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