Now the chief problem with a little girl of a Leafeon named Aster was that she tended to be plopped. Today was one such day, where Aster was plopped in the middle of Johto, a region she had only read of in books. The poor Leafeon was completely disoriented and had no idea where she was. 'Ellsia, what happened?' she asked a Lapras beside her.

'I'm not sure, Aster,' the Lapras replied with a yawn. 'Last I remember I was Surfing on Cloud Lake near your clan's nest, looking for berries to harvest or fish to catch. Then something like a big pink balloon waved its arm at me and the world went white.'

'Ahahajeireuaqiweuaiue,' Aster giggled crazily. 'You're always looking for something to eat, Ellsia. But where are we and what should we do here?'

'You could try asking that Riolu or that Quilava,' suggested the Lapras. 'They look friendly enough.'

'Oh, so that's what they're called,' said the amazed Leafeon. 'I've never seen Pokemon like them before.' Aster trotted up to the Pokemon she had indicated and gave them a friendly smile. 'Hi, I'm Aster. It's so nice to meet you. How may I address you?'