(a lighthearted survival horror Role playing game)

It all started in the desert resort area. Amidst the howling winds and random sandstorms, large scale excavations of the ruins had begun. With Team Plasma all but disbanded, no one expected there to be any trouble but alas, that was proven not to be the case. Local ghost pokemon start acting strangely and soon after, archeologists and other researchers mysteriously vanish never to be heard from again. Days later, there are widespread reports of the appearance of ghost types from other regions and undead pokemon showing up in nearby towns!

While some citizens panic and prepare for the end of the world, others prefer to stay in denial and dismiss the rumors as nothing more than wild speculation. For unkown reasons, a select few individuals and their pokemon are immune to whatever is causing the spread of zombification. Has the disturbance of the ruins awakend some ancient curse upon the populace? Or could there be some other perfectly reasonable explanation for these unusual events? At this point, no one really knows what in the heck is going on..

The plot is somewhat freeform and side stories are allowed
Non player characters can be controlled by anyone
(No controlling other players though)
The heroes cannot be turned into zombies like everyone else but they can still be injured.

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