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    Default Yu-Gi-Oh!:Duelist Kingdom

    "And we're back to the championship duel between Duel Monsters creator Maximillion Pegasus and american champion Bandit Keith."
    Laura vaguely listened to the announcer as she sorted through her cards.

    "Slot Machine! Attack Pegasus directly!" Bandit Keith's(LP 1400) voice came out of the tv and Laura watched in interest as the hologram of Slot Machine (3400 ATK) (3000 DEF) made its way towards Pegasus (LP 1900)

    "I don't think so, Keith." Pegasus smirked. "I activate Negate Attack which will stop your Slot Machine from attacking me."

    "But your card only lasts for one turn." Bandit Keith sneered. "You can't keep stalling for time, Pegasus."

    'Oh, I don't intend to do that'

    Pegasus smiled to himself and turned towards the audience. Pegasus approached a young boy and whispered something in the boy's ear.

    "Whats this?" Keith asked.

    "Ladies and gentlemen." Pegasus began. "Please observe how this young man will beat Keith in exactly one turn."

    The little boy first activated Graceful Charity and discarded two cards into the card graveyard. The little boy then proceded to activate Monster Reborn which brought back the discarded Tri Horned Dragon (2850) from the graveyard. The little boy then activated Raigeki which destroyed Slot Machine and attacked Keith directly with Tri Horned Dragon.

    "The winner is Maxmillion Pegasus!" The announcer yelled out as the crowd broke out into applause.
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    Default Re: Yu-Gi-Oh!:Duelist Kingdom

    (( This is in the wrong section. It should be in the non rpg section.))
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