It's Scumbag Steve's birthday today, and everyone's having a darn good time at the party, being held at his friend Chris's castle. Scumbag Steve's late though...I wonder where he is?

"What the hell?! They're not even inviting me to my own birthday party?!" Scumbag Steve yelled, accidentally knocking over the trashcan he threw the envelope containing his invitation away in.

"I'll show them! I'll show them all!" Steve laughed, and went down to his basement to his altar to the eldritch god T'sul. He knelt, and uttered a prayer to his evil deity.

"Lord T'sul! Please, grant me power so I may exact revenge on those that would shun me!" Steve heard a roar outside, and he saw, on his front yard, an army of dinosaurs.

"My liege." A man with a strange glove said, bowing to Steve. "We are your disciples, sent by Lord T'sul to slay those that would defy you and bring about a new world order."

Steve laughed a sinister, mirthless laugh. Only time will tell if Chris's castle will fall to the army of T'sul.

-No godmodding.
-What I say as GM goes.
-Pictures are encouraged. The code for having text that links to a picture is: [url="Whatever you want to link to"]whatever text you want the link to look like[/url#], without the # sign in the last bit.
-This RP will probably be pretty short. You just have to fight off Steve's dinosaur army and his four generals.

Name: What's your character's name?
Gender: Is your character a boy, girl, androgynous, or transgender?
Age: How old is your character?
Appearance: Picture is preferred, but a description is fine too.
Equipment: What does your character use to fight Scumbag Steve and his dinosaur army? It does not necessarily have to be a weapon. Like, it could be a first aid kit, or tools for building robots.

Name: Christian Weston Chandler
Gender: Male
Age: 30
In his Sonichu form:
Equipment: The Sonichu Medallion: It lets him turn into his sonichu form, which gives him the power to shoot small bolts of lightning. They don't actually do much physical damage, but they do stun opponents, and they hurt a lot. He also has a super mode, but for some reason, he won't use it.