In the Pokemon world there exists a certain group of Pokemon gifted with the ability to travel between worlds. Each world is set in a different time, and each world has new and unique characters. These Pokemon are gifted with the ability to understand human language. However, only a select few humans can actually converse with the Pokemon. These Pokemon have banded together to form a rescue team devoted to assisting those in other worlds. Every few months or so, a letter with a request for help is sent to their base and the adventure begins.

Plot: Basically, these Pokemon play a part in all of our favorite Disney movies. Can you imagine Pikachu in Snow White? What about Jigglypuff in Pochahontas? The Pokemon in this rpg get to collaborate with and assist famous Disney cartoon characters. Some Pokemon may even have their own unique roles whether as villains or supporting heroes. Consider this a sort of fanfiction for those who may wondered, as I have, what it would be like with talking Pokemon replacing talking animals in Disney films. This rpg is purely for fun and encourages creativity. Your ideas and opinions are valued. Each and every idea is important and every contribution matters. If you've seen one of those Youtube videos like "Yogi Bear Meets ______" then simply think of this like that.

List Of Worlds
Pokemon World - The main world where their main base is set up. They begin and end their quests here.
France (The Hunchback Of Notre Dame & Beauty And The Beast) - In this beautiful country, there is a hunchback with a kind heart and cursed prince in a castle.
Ancient Greece (Hercules) - An ancient civilization which worships the many Greek gods and the demigods. The hero Hercules is sent here to serve.
Underwater Kingdom (The Little Mermaid) - An underwater kingdom inhabited by mermaids and merfolk.

My Sign Ups

Personality:Pikachu is the founder of this rescue team. He can understand human language but is unforunately cannot speak back. Pikachu mainly communicates using his tail and by saying his name. Pikachu is a loyal friend but is extremely nervous around new people.
Appearance:Pikachu, for the most part resembles a regular Pikachu. There is a red bowtie tied around his neck and tail his shorter than an average Pikachu's which often causes people to mistake him for female. Pikachu also one less stripe than average Pikachu do on his back.
Moves:Quick Attack, Thundershock, Thunder Wave

Personality:Raichu is the more aggressive older brother of Pikachu. Even though Raichu is generally short tempered and grumpy, he has well intentions. Raichu has a passion for battling. Raichu generally dislikes the "helping people" part of the rescue team but begrudgingly goes along with it.
Appearance:Raichu is extremely battle worn and covered in scars. He has a large scar over his left eye and the front part of his tail is chipped off. Raichu's left ear has a slight chip in it as well. Raichu is often covered in dirt and mud.
Moves:Mega Punch, Volt Tackle, Shock Wave

Personality:Pichu is the baby of the family and is often underestimated by her brothers due to her small size. Pichu is actually quite cunning for a young Pokemon and often uses her cute looks to manipulate Pokemon and people alike into doing what she wants.
Appearance:Pichu typically resembles your average Pichu. She has two small pink bows on both of her ears and sometimes wears a pink scarf around her neck. For a Pichu, she has a particularly cute face.
Inventory:Pink Scarf
Moves:Charm, Attract

Sign Up Example

1)This RPG will allow humans but not Pokemon Trainers.
2)Please no flaming.
3)Up to two characters per person.
4)Please respect the rules and your fellow rpers.
5)Have fun!

The final Disney World will be up to you to decide. If you wish to vote simply put your desired Disney movie at the bottom of your sign up. All animated Disney films are eligible. The film with the most votes will become the final world. If there is a tie, then there will either be a revote or a process of elimination.