What are your Strengths When it Comes to RPs?

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Thread: What are your Strengths When it Comes to RPs?

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    Default What are your Strengths When it Comes to RPs?

    Since I made a weakness thread, I thought that I may as well make a thread to discuss people's strengths.

    For me, it's definitely creating interesting and complex characters. I have a wide variety of characters, and over time, I've made them really good ones. The two that I view to be the best are my villain character that I shouldn't even need to say the name of, Zaar, and there's Claus Abendroth, a young adult trying to deal with dissociative identity disorder. (in layman's terms, multiple personalities) I also have the convoluted Koning family, Akuma, who's built off of the "mysterious swordsman" archetype, and I'm currently making a character who's a really big Nihilist.

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    Default Re: What are your Strengths When it Comes to RPs?

    Well I know what works for me in terms of my characters (or character, singular). I don't usually possess the creativity to think of anything more than what I would usually think in the situations presented to my character, so I kinda just base the character I always use off of myself. It's kinda more of a weakness if you ask me, but what the hell, I just thought I'd contribute.


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