Welcome to the new Bulbagarden Roleplay District~!
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Thread: Welcome to the new Bulbagarden Roleplay District~!

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    Default Welcome to the new Bulbagarden Roleplay District~!

    Well, what can I say? I've had plans for this place for a while. Like before I got full mod while. XD Anyway, how about we take a grand tour of our new forum category. Yes, CATEGORY, we've got our own RP category now!

    First, lets head into the new and improved, Roleplay Games forum. Take a look at the new layout:

    :: Roleplaying Games
    ::: Sign-Ups Threads
    ::: Start-Ups Threads
    ::: Private RPs
    ::: Non-Pokemon RPs
    ::: The Metronome Forum
    :::: RPG Discussion
    :::: RPG Archival
    :::: RPG Administration

    Now, lets break this down step by step. The main Roleplaying Games forum (the one we are currently in) will house all our general policies and stuff like that. Official stuff, that everyone should, read before even venturing into the lower forums. Sign-Up Threads and Start-Up Threads are pretty straight forward, what do you think goes in there? ;3 Private RPs, well thats pretty straight forward as well, as is Non-Pokemon RPs. Now, the Metronome Forum, this is where it gets a bit odd. Most of your social threads and other odd stuff like that go here. RPG Discussion is where you can post an OOC thread for your RP, as to not clutter things up ;3 The RPG Archival is where we'll send old threads off too everyonce in a while, locked so you can't post and revive them for no reason and stuff. RPG Administration... this is the forum that you want to have access to if you're a great RPer with a level head.


    :: Roleplaying Games < Policies, rules, announcements, ect...
    ::: Sign-Ups Threads < Sign-Ups
    ::: Start-Ups Threads < Start-Ups
    ::: Private RPs < Private RPs
    ::: Non-Pokemon RPs < Non-Pokemon RPs
    ::: The Metronome Forum < Everything that doesn't have a forum; like character discussion
    :::: RPG Discussion < OOC threads for RPs
    :::: RPG Archival < RP Archives
    :::: RPG Administration < Where you eventually want to have access to

    Second, lets glaze over a few new policies that we're going to have in place.

    :: All sign-up threads will go in the Sign-Up Threads forum.

    Well, I should hope no one violates such a simple rule but we know there will be some people that will. Breaking this rule won't result in an infraction, but repeated infractions of the rule will, which will be at the moderator's discretion.

    :: All start-up threads will go in the Stat-Up Threads forum.

    Same as above.

    :: NEW RESTRICTION!!! You must "sign-up" for private RPs via a thread that will be stickied in the Private RPs forum.

    Basically, to help me keep track of all of the RP's that are going on right now.

    :: All cleared private RPs go in the Private RPs forum.


    :: NEW RESTRICTION!!! You must "sign-up" for non-Pokemon RPs via a thread that will be stickied in the Non-Pokemon RPs forum.

    Basically, to help me keep track of all of the RP's that are going on right now.

    :: All cleared non-Pokemon RPs go in the Non-Pokemon RPs forum.


    :: IMPORTANT NOTE!!! What if there is a private, non-Pokemon RP? Well, it would go in the Non-Pokemon RP forum. HOWEVER, you would still need to get them cleared, for these, I'd prefer if you would just PM me about them though.

    Just a clarification :D

    :: The RPG Directory [V 2.0] - Refer to this thread for more information on this.

    :: RULES!!!

    ::: Insubordination - Is there this kid that just doesn't quite get what you're telling him to do but you know he really does? Well, report the newest post that is problematic and I'll evaluate the situation. The base point value for this is two points.

    ::: Repeated posting of OOC content in an IC area without important signifigance - Basically, we've given you VM's, PM's, AND an entire forum for OOC threads for you to talk to your people, use it. The base point value for this is one point.

    ::: Posting of inappropriate content - Did someone just write a rape scene for someone AND post it? Well, this infraction is for them. This would also cover repeated posting of sign-ups in the Start-Up Threads forum, and the like.


    Well, dearies, that about concludes our little tour of the new Bulbagarden Roleplay District, just got a few minor things. First, KPU and Fizzy Bubbles have of course not been modified. Second, Pokemon Ultra RPG, our latest Bulbagarden forum-hosted RPG is set to open on April 15th. We hope to see a vast turn out in registrations. Last, but not least, I hope that everyone keeps having fun RPing and we do have some more things that we're probably going to see come about in the next year probably, so be prepared.
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