Throughout history almost all civilizations formed some kind of mythology. However, these beliefs weren't just fiction. Almost all of them were based off of real beings and real events. These beings, monsters, gods, demons, and more, have all coexisted, only the highest of them knowing of each others existence. As is common in most of these myths, the gods socialized with mortals. Over time, as less and less people believed in their existence, they limited their interaction to very few. These interactions created demigods, mages, half-demons, and great rulers. As the family trees of these many mortals began to cross, their coexistence became more and more apparent. A group of these mortals released this information, wanting unity among the gods. Unfortunately, it did just the opposite. A full out war has broken out between the beings. They've brought their mortals into this war, all just for a fight for the top.

Okay, this is, as said in the title, a Perccy Jackson RP. Well, Percy Jackson, Kane Chronicles, and Heroes of Olympus. As mentioned in some of the books, Egyptian, Chinese, Greek, and Roman mythology all exist in the same world. Why not have all mythologies coexist. Norse, Mayan, Aztec, Japanese, Native American, etc. Your character may be any type of mortal that could possibly be associated with these gods (As long as they appear human) You will either take the side of their respective god, or be part of the unity movement. Just to make things easier, every mythology has their own camp. Locations will be decided later for those not canon.

1.No Godmodding.
2.As many characters as you can handle.
3.Violence and Romance encouraged. Just don't go overboard.
4.Cursing is fine. Don't go crazy though.
5.Hmm, that's about it for now. These rules are subject to change.

Profile Skelly:
Species: (Demigod, human, demon hybrid, etc. NO FULL GODS!)