Two years ago, Team Rocket was destoryed by a ten year old boy. Since then, other gangs have risen to take over the turf which Team Rocket once controlled. The fiercest fighting goes on in Celadon City, where Team Rocket had their main base. Blood will be spilt. There will be a victor.

There are three factions.

The Gangs: There are three gangs in the area that fight over the turf. If you join the gangs you'll have to chose which one you join.
The Police: The Cops, the Filth, the Pigs. This is the faction trying to bring down the gangs. Many of their officers may well be corrupted.
Independent: These are trainers, that can either infiltrate into the gangs, try to bring them down or join them.


Normal BMG Rules apply
PG-13. I'll allow a little romance, but this isn't really the emphasis of the RP. All fights have to be with Pokémon.


Gang Sign Ups: You'll need this if you want to create a gang:

Gang Faction Sign-Ups

Police Force:

Independant Sign-Ups:

My Sign-Ups:

Gang Name: Team Knuckledusters

Main Source: Celadon Game Corner

Base: The Basement of Celadon Condominiums

Ranks: One Boss with Two Executives. The Gang also has an accountant.

Name: Daniel "Danny" Spencer

Age: 28

Gang: Team Knuckledusters

Rank in the Gang: Boss

Appearance: Tall and Lanky, he naturally looks like a man who'll cross you like a tapestry. He often wears a suit and a pair of sunglasses, because his face is well known in the area.

Personality: Crafty and Cunning, there's a saying in Celadon: "If you cross Danny Spencer the church gives you a free gravestone." He is ruthless and gives no second chances.

Pokémon: Krookodile, Drapion, Honchcrow