Ragnar made a fairly quick show of a basic stance. It was not elaborate, but it was effective. Body turned to the side, weight on the back leg, hands held at chest level to allow for quick blocking and striking. A few basics strikes followed, things that needed to be repeated endlessly until they were burned into the mind and body so that no thought was needed to use them. Once he had them going through their paces, he began to pace around them, watching them closely, and occasionally reaching out to adjust a movement. He began to speak as he did so.
"A fight is no more complicated than you make it to be. All fights, big or small, can usually be predicted to a certain degree by careful observation. There are five things that will decide a fight. The first, and most obvious, is strength. The stronger fighter has a huge advantage, able to do more damage with every strike they land. If they are strong enough, their opponent may not even be able to block effectively, giving another advantage. The second, and a very near to most obvious, is speed. Being faster than your opponent is a big advantage, able to land more strikes, and often land them first, even keep from being hit in return. But speed alone will not win a fight. Many fighters who concentrate solely on speed end up losing because they cannot whether a hit, nor hit hard enough to deal enough damage. The third factor is weight. It is usually one that is easy to determine, just at a glance. While many might say keeping lighter is better, I have found this to be untrue. Being heavier can be an advantage. It will allow you to take more punishment, and if you are heavy enough, you can prevent yourself from being thrown, or moved against your will. But too much weight will slow you, and sap away your strength. The fourth factor is reach. It is also something easily determined by looking at a person. Taller people possess longer arms, and having the edge of reach can lend itself to victory. If you can hit your opponent without being hit back, it is obvious how much easier it is to win a fight. The last, and arguably most important factor, is skill. Having the technique that gives you more options and abilities is an enormous advantage. With enough skill, you can overcome any other shortcomings in yourself. Know where you stand with all five of these factors, and strive to know where your opponent standfs, and you will know how likely it is you will win your fight. Are there any questions?" He finished, looking at the assembled students.