Travelling Tales

So, this is the OOC thread/RPG Discussion part of the RP. I've assumed charge after ColourTheory's disappearance. I will not be appointing a Co-GM straight away as I'd rather have everyone's voice heard. So, we will discuss most of the issues together but there will be some points that I will decide on my own. For the moment the following have to be decided:

1-Pokemon parties (Everyone should try to have unique parties consisting mainly of Kanto and Johto Pokemon)

2-A new evil team that will appear in every region, the team should have a well-defined goal as well (I have one in my mind, but I want to see what ideas I can get from you)

3-Legendary bonding. Everyone can befriend only one legendary Pokemon. This can be integrated into the plot and these befriended Pokemon can help the group out. It is up to each character to tell whether he has befriended a legendary Pokemon or not. Maybe one can keep it a secret for sometime before revealing it. Also, these legendary Pokemon should be fitting to each character. For instance, I intend to befriend Uxie, the Knowledge Pokemon, because my character is quite smart and he gives importance to knowledge. Also, there must be a mini-plot involved in befriending the Pokemon (this plot must be shared with me, but can be kept secret from the other characters). The Pokemon doesn't need to be met to befriend it. For instance, if the character has found a Silver Wing, he will be in contact with Lugia. Lugia can talk to him telepathically, thus befriending Lugia. Also, it is best if the legendary Pokemon are befriended in the region they are found. For Johto legendaries, I guess Kanto is alright, but I shouldn't befriend Uxie straight away in Kanto. (Although this aspect can be changed)

4-We need to keep the RP alive. This means all of us. The goal is to progress through each region so we all need to be active.

5-Their are 8 gym towns, so there will be at least 8 contest halls. If the two coordinators want, then they could have contests in Lavendar and Pallet Town, making it 10. It is also up to the coordinators to decide on how many ribbons are needed for the grand festival. Whether it is four or five.