"Space, the final frontier," words spoken by thousands of people through recent history. However beyond space, is the next enigma to human kind, the multiverse. Every event that could possibly occur and every reality ever thought of exists in its own universe. Ranging from small details to universes with no relation to our own. Beyond the realistic universes lie the fictional worlds. These are unreachable except from each other. The fictional universes are unique in the fact that in the center of all of them is Universe Prime.

Universe Prime is the only one that is affected by the others. When ever a new universe is created, which is almost always, Prime evolves gaining an aspect from that universe. Most of these changes affect the center of Prime itself, Earth. As a constant location in almost all works of fiction, Earth has taken more changes than any other location.

The people of Prime, Primals, are special in there own respect. To be born in Prime one must have existed in more than one universe. On top of that, they all have a gift, they are some of the few beings with the ability to make cross universal jumps. Laws have been put into motion to prevent them from doing so, with the fear of what affect over jumping could cause to the alternate Earths, but something has happened that will render this law pointless. Rips have been forming around alternate worlds, evil beings are escaping their respective worlds to other universes where they have no threats to fear. The weaker worlds are being terrorized and even worlds with strong beings, are no match for the beings of another.The multiverse has stopped growing and other universes won't be able to join unless this is stopped. The only hope is the people of Prime. With their own abilities and the abilities of their alternate selves good might just have fighting chance in this battle.

The Basics:
Okay this is an RP I have been planning for a while. This is mostly for those who recycle characters much like I do with the many Daemons. The Primals have to have been in more than one thing of fiction. The other thing they were in doesn't have to be an RP. It could have been a fanfic, an original story, comic, etc. They just have to be an original character. Villains on the other just have to have been used at least once because most of them will not be Primals.

Primals are allowed any powers their alternate selves had. While also being able to jump universes at will they can pull their own alternate selves to them. Only when in extreme need can they call multiple ones, let alone all of them. I will allow each Primal to also have one power of its own for those whose characters have been in no RPs that would give them such.

1.No Bunnying
2.Godmodding is a bit toned down here. As long as the characters aren't invincible and don't block and dodge every attack. With the many RPs these people could've been in powers aren't too big of a deal. I'll just make sure personally that there is always a villain stronger than them.
3.Violence and Romance encouraged. Just keep it PG-13 dear god.
4.Cursing is fine, again don't go overboard.
6.As many characters as you can control.
7.These Rules are subject to change, I will announce rule changes so you should be aware.

Profile Skelly:

Age: (Keep it around the average of the alternates for Primals.)
Gender: (So apparently there's more than one. Who knew?)
Alignment: (Primal or Villain. Primal Villains would be classified as the former.)
Powers: (Villains have whatever they had in their respective RP and Primals have the above stated powers, the powers of their counterparts, and one extra if needed.)
Alternate Earths: (For both Primals and Villains. Villains name what universe their from, and Primals should name a few. Universe's can be named after name of fiction.)