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    Default For those that haven't seen...

    We've selected our new staff~!

    • Hide in Plain Sight
    • Emp
    • Infernal_King (aka Hell's_Devil_Warrior)

    Game Managers
    • X Resistance
    • Apollo's Caterpie
    • Trainer17
    • Chocolate Bones
    • Giovanna Rockeet

    Game Managers are pretty muchly mods, without the Mod permissions and perks such as infracting, moving threads, ect... You still have to listen to them if they give you orders and what not as if it was I or Archaic telling you to do it. Thanks, and remember to congratulate them :D
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    Default Re: For those that haven't seen...

    Quote Originally Posted by Colin27 View Post
    thank you for your sharing, it is so useful to me.
    That information is actually quite outdated. Several of the listed "Game Managers," for instance, are now full-fledged Mods.

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