Tales from Ground Zero, Episode 1: Aftermath [Sign-Ups]
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Thread: Tales from Ground Zero, Episode 1: Aftermath [Sign-Ups]

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    Default Tales from Ground Zero, Episode 1: Aftermath [Sign-Ups]

    The year is 2018. The Earth has been devastated by a powerful chain of volcanic eruptions, and the sky has been cloaked in a disgusting blanket of smoke, ash, and embers for over 5 years. Most life one the surface died immediately. That which survived soon starved to death. Now all that's left are the horrific creatures that've evolved from the ashes. Most have lost their ability to see, relying instead on other, more powerful senses in order to kill whatever creatures still dare to walk the Earth. And then, there are the people underground.

    You and your comrades were part of a last ditch effort to save humanity. The United Nations, knowing full well that the world was going to end, spent the planet's final months preparing silos and bunkers deep underground, in key spots all over the planet. This was known as the "Ground One Initiative." This project sought to protect the elite, powerful, skilled, and knowledgeable from the impending doom so that there was some hope of survival for the human race long after the catastrophe.

    You had barely any time to say goodbye to your families, leaving them to die while you buried yourselves underground. The details of Ground One are highly secretive. Even you don't know more than a few snippets of information. All you know is that you've been underground for the last 5 years, cramped with others who were given the same second chance, trying to hold onto hope as the days blended together in your purgatory. But your penance will soon be lifted, and you will once again return to the surface to live out as the last of humanity.

    Just don't expect to still be on the top of the food chain when you do.


    Your character is someone whom the world, for whatever reason, has chosen to protect in its final hours. Perhaps you are a brilliant scientist. Perhaps a skilled combatant or wartime hero. For whatever reason, you are important to humanity, and you and your team must band together to save the world. Or, what's left of it, anyway.

    I'll personally make sure that there are plenty of twists and turns to keep us going along the way. If you have any ideas for an event or a twist, please, PM it to me and I'll do my best to mix it in!

    This is a highly mature RPG. Anything goes and graphic violence is encouraged. This is a post-apocalyptic horror story after all. Your characters are allowed to have and use Pokemon, but will also be expected to rely heavily on weapons and their skills in order to survive.

    I'm looking for a very specific type of RPer here.

    • You must be willing to post more than one sentence per reply, preferably several paragraphs.
    • You must be able to use proper grammar, spelling, mechanics and vivid descriptions and dialogue.
    • You must be an active member of the RP community. I'm not asking for experience, necessarily, but one post every three days is the least I'm asking for.

    • No godmodding. For those of you who don't know, godmodding is doing obviously things like having overpowered characters and Pokemon, but it's also subtle things like not knowing what another player is thinking even if you just read it in the previous post.
    • Be respectful of other players. Your characters are allowed to roughhouse and insult each other even, but nothing personal.
    • No rules on language, violence, and sexuality. Anything goes.
    • To show that you've read the rules, put the word "Phoenix" into your post.
    • Have fun! I'm making this RP relatively rule free because I want to see what you guys can come up with. Let's make this the most badass RP yet!

    Well, that's it for the boring stuff! Have at it! Just keep in mind that if you're not accepted, please don't take it personally. I'm just looking for a very advanced kind of RPer.

    Sign-Up Sheet
    Name: What's your character's name? Nicknames are perfectly acceptable.
    Age: How old is your character. Keep in mind that they've been underground for 5 years, so take that into account.
    Gender: Boy or girl?
    Skill: What's so special about him that it got him included in the Ground One Initiative. Is he a skilled spy? A brilliant inventor? Hell, maybe he or she is a world renowned pastry chef. You could've even just had the right connections and paid your way in. Please be creative and very detailed.
    Appearance: What does your character look like? Pictures are welcome, but I'd also appreciate a written description.
    Personality: What's your character like?
    History: What did your character do before the end of the world?
    Other: Do they have a theme-song? Maybe a favorite color. Anything extra goes here.

    Pokemon: Keep in mind that this is completely optional. Your character can own up to two Pokemon.
    Species: Anything other than legendaries.
    Special Skills: If you have to have some sort of special skill, why shouldn't your Pokemon?? Be creative!
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    Default Re: Tales from Ground Zero, Episode 1: Aftermath [Sign-Ups]

    @Chocolate Bones; This seems like avery interesting RP, though I'm not quite sure I understand the idea of pokemon intertwined with a post-Apocalyptic world. They just don't fit together well. I would say drop the pokemon from the story, and it would probably flow better, because lookin gat the prolouge, it has no mention of pokemon, but other thatn that it's great.
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