Plot: Seventeen year old Luke fon Fabre, son of Duke Fabre has very few memories of his kidnapping seven years ago. Luke is a selfish but sheltered boy who is forced to stay in his father's manor until he is twenty years of age. Luke's seemingly unordinary life is changed one day when a mysterious woman attacks his combat teacher, Van. In an attempt to find his teacher, Luke and the woman find themselves stranded in the middle of the woods and forced to work together. As Luke and the woman make their way back to the manor, they find themselves meeting the Malkuth military, escorting Fon Master Ion, and allying themselves with an odd creature known as Mieu. Along the way, they find themselves finding strange allies in military commander, Jade Curtis and Fon Master Ion's young but enthusiastic guardian named Anise. Luke also finds himself reunited with his old servant, Guy, and even allies with Princess Natalia of Kimlasca - Lanvaldear. This unexpected group finds themselves facing many conflicts as the group finds themselves quickly annoyed by Luke's selfish attitude, his refusal to kill, his loyalty to Van and his amnesia from being kidnapped many years ago. But Luke is not the only one facing old demons. Jade finds himself facing his past crimes and murders, Guy struggles to decide between vengeance and truth and Tear attempts to cope with her growing feelings toward Luke.

Setting: The rpg begins in the Fabre Manor in which seventeen year old Luke inhabits. His uncle, Duke Fabre, and his servant, Guy, also live in the manor. Luke quickly finds himself trapped in a forest with a mysterious young woman known as Tear and the slowly expanding party makes their way across Malkuth and back to Luke's home in Kimlasca.

Party Members:
Luke fon Fabre - Son of Duke Fabre. A spoiled and selfish young man, Luke spends the first part of his journey complaining and depending on the group to take him home. After making a grave mistake and being abandoned by the group, Luke resolves to change himself.

Tear Grants - A young woman who attacks Luke's teacher, Van. Tear is a member of the Order Of Lorelei and the sister of Van. Tear is a quiet and reserved young woman who quickly finds herself frustarated by Luke's cosntant complaining. As the journey progresses, Tear finds herself falling in love with Luke.

Guy Cecil - A young servant and Luke's best friend. Guy is a charismatic young man but is deathly afraid of women due to a past traumatic incident. Guy is firmly loyal to Luke.

Jade Curtiss - The colonel of the Malkuth military and a Necromancer, Jade has the unique ability to produce replicas of monsters. Jade is haunted by his past murders and sins.

Anise Tatlin - A young Fon Master Guardian, due to childhood financial troubles, Anise finds herself attracted to wealthy men such as Luke. Anise is a puppeteer and is able to control her puppet, Tokunaga.

Princess Natalia Luzu Kimlasca Lanvaldear - A young princess and Luke's fiancee, Natalia forces her way into the group by blackmailing Luke, Natalia harbors romantic feelings for the God-General, Asch.


Mieu - A young cheagle who can breathe fire. Mieu is able to communicate with humans via the Sorceror's Ring around his waist. Mieu accidentally angers the Ligers when he sets fire to their home.

Fon Master Ion - The highest leader of the Order of Lorelei, Ion seeks peace between Malkuth and Kimlasca.

Van Grants - Luke's combat teacher and Tear's brother. Van wishes to replicate the entire world.

Sign Up Example
Name:Luke fon Fabre
Appearance:normal_lukestatart.jpg Luke's long hair is later cut off in order to symbolize Luke "cutting off" from his former self.
Personality: At the beginning, Luke is a very selfish young man who spends the first half of the journey, complaining and annoying the rest of the group. Luke also has issues killing another human being. After making a grave mistake, Luke finds himself abandoned by the group. Luke pleads with Tear to make sure he stays on the right path and cuts off his long hair to symbolize "cutting off" from his former self. Through the course of the journey, Luke slowly becomes a kinder young man and eventually gains the trust of the rest of the group. Luke becomes a very noble young man to the point where he is willing to sacrifice himself to save many other lives. Towards, the second half of his journey, Luke develops romantic feelings toward his teammate, Tear Grants, but after discovering that he is slowly dying, Luke keeps his feelings to himself. Luke frequently writes in a diary which he claims is to help him remember the events after his kidnapping.
Inventory:Bronze sword
Artes:Fang Blade
Relatives:Duke Fabre (Father)

Personality:Mieu is a curious and childlike young Cheagle who has difficulties controlling his fire breath, which results in Mieu accidentally angering a tribe of Ligers. Mieu is very attached to Luke, despite Luke's constant annoyance with him and referring to him as a "thing". Mieu willingly joins the group after the elder Cheagle banishes him for one year. Mieu is able to communicate with other monsters and the party using his Sorceror's Ring.
Inventory:Sorceror's Ring.

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