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    There is a land called Beltomore, it has a legend about a war between the gods. There were 2 gods Yin and Yang who were in line to be god, but when Daiojing(the current god)chose Yang to be the next god and gain possession of the 7 Swords of Divinity. When Yin was so mad he stole the 7 swords and when he was caught he was banished from heaven. Years later Yin made the Sword of Ultimate Darkness and waged war against Yang, after many centuries Yang sealed Yin and the demon sword in a mountain(witch is now called Devil's mountain)and Yin swore he would get his revenge.
    Your role is to stop Yin from taking his revenge and those who serve him.
    Here is an example of the SU:


    Appearance:(a picture is fine)

    History:(a thickish paragraph please)

    Side:(witch side are you on Yin or Yang)
    Weapon(s):(other than the swords)
    Sword:(the Sword you use it is on the bottom of this post)

    Name:Haku Fuso
    Age:19(please make it realistic)

    Personality:He is very proud and will always take a challenge no matter the odds, his will won't let him lose even if it is something small like a bet. He is like one of those always keep their heads up kind of people and is kind of a prankster.


    History:He was a normal average joe until his parents were killed by the mafia and Haku was on the street. Then one day he went to a dojo and asked if he could live there, the man who owned the dojo said if he can beat his best student at kendo he could stay. During the battle the student was beaten by Haku and was allowed to stay, while there he there he has improved in sword fighting and craftyness.

    Weapons: dual swords
    Sword:Sword of Metal

    Sword of Metal with is transformation powers a person could use multiple weapons:

    Sword of Ice it's freezing powers are second to none:

    Sword of Thunder this can electrify even a dinosaur:

    Swords of Wind these swords can become a sonicboom if used correctly:

    Sword of Fire it's flame can melt anything:

    Sword of Earth this blade can be useful for heavy weight attacks:

    Sword of Light with it's holy light it can dispel all darkness: Minus the wings.

    Sword of Ultimate Darkness this makes the sun look like a flashlight:

    There can only be 8 people sorry first come first serve and the basic bulbagarden rules for rps. Also sorry for the mix-up this is my real rp and @Agent Gryphon; reserved.
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    Default Re: The Swords of Divinity (sign ups)

    Zachery, is that you? You mentioned this idea to me a couple days ago over the phone...
    "Drown in Despair. This is the power of Madara Uchiha! Divine Power!"
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