Stranded!! Pokemon, people and an Island (Start Up)
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Thread: Stranded!! Pokemon, people and an Island (Start Up)

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    Pilot over the intercom: Folks, please return to your seats and fasten your safety belts at this time. We're gonna have to attempt an emergency landing. We have spotted a smooth patch of water coming up and if you bear with us, we should be on the ground shortly. (beep)

    The airplane descends quickly which causes loose objects to float up to the roof. As the plane levels out, it begins shaking badly. Many of the trainers on board start wishing that their pokemon could still use HM moves like normal but its no use.

    For a while the plane slows down as it skims the water but then it slams into something hard just below the surface. Sharp rocks catch the plane and it breaks apart like a jigsaw puzzle. Cargo and passengers begin spilling out into the tide.

    The plane is destroyed but some items and people manage to wash ashore. No one recognizes the island but at least it seems to have plenty of natural vegetation. There is no way to know what kinds of wild pokemon may be lurking around this strange place. Now the survivors must choose to work as individuals or as a team to decide what to do next...

    (the sign up is still open)
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