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    Based off of the hit video game The Sims Medieval released in around 2010-2011.

    Plot: It is the dawn of the new world. Humans have evolved to the point where they can find and seize land to inhabit. One particular group of people escapes from their cruel village of Stoneberg, and stumble upon new, unclaimed land. Upon entering the land, the people have no idea what to do and decide to elect a Monarch to rule over them. The Monarch quickly sets up a castle and a series of laws. After a while, people of all kinds begin moving into the village. Blacksmiths, Ministrels and many more enter the village and establish their homes. The Jacoban religion and the Peteran religion are formed and their rivalry quickly becomes fierece. The church is initially mocked and feared by the people but many people quickly become converted. As the kingdom begins to advance and new buildings are formed, more and more people move in, and with more people comes more drama. Assasination attempts, witches invading the kingdom and a rebellion against the Monarch. Will this kingdom rise above the drama or crumble before it even begins?

    The Religions

    Peteran Faith

    Jacoban Faith

    Traits & Fatal Flaws
    Traits are what determines your Sim's personality. A Fatal Flaw is a conflict or an issue your sim suffers from and if not dealt with properly, can end in death.

    List Of Traits

    Fatal Flaws

    Classes Avaible

    Sign Up Example
    Name:Edgar Bratton
    Title:King Edgar The Cruel
    Appearance:Edgar's head is shaved and he has a twirly moustache on his mouth. His eyebrows are thick and black and his eyes are a shade of dark brown. Edgar often wears red robes. Edgar hardly bothers to wear his armor and he neglects to wear a crown. He is about 8'1 and weighs 170lbs.
    Personality:As his title suggests, Edgar is extremely cruel and sadistic. He has no sympathy for the people and often sends people to the stocks for his own amusement. Once a month, an unforunate peasant will be thrown into the Pit of Judgement to be fed to the beast for Edgar's own entertainment. He has multiple lovers but no children with any of these lovers. Edgar is extremely sensitive to the suggestion of a rebellion and will throw anyone into the Pit for even bringing up the idea of a rebellion.
    Traits:Greedy, Eloquent
    Fatal Flaw:Cruel
    Inventory:Steel platebody, steel longsword, steel shield, steel helmet.

    1)Two traits per sim and one only one fatal flaw.
    2)Two characters per person.
    3)If you wish to rule Crafthole or Tredony, you have to ask permission first.
    4)Please respect the rules and your fellow rpers.
    5)Have fun!
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