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Thread: Shiny Eevee???

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    Default Shiny Eevee???

    Hello there, this is my first thread and it will be my only thread, but will have edits along the way.
    Anyways, I was wondering---

    What are your opinions on shiny eevee?
    In my Pokemon Black 2 Version I own 6-12 shiny eevees, and I was wondering if anyone was interested in one? I'm only willing to trade away three or four right now, so first come first serve... I will edit this thread when I am through trading.

    How I obtained the Shiny Eevee's:
    I used the AR shiny code, and went to the Castelia Sewers and walked to the place that leads up to where eevee can be capture in that little garden.
    The eevee itself is legit, but it's color isn't...So I guess it's not legit then? I don't know.

    I then cloned them. So... Anyone interested?

    EDIT: I should also mention that the eevee's do not know any outrageous moves or anything. Stuff like bite, sand-attack, and quick-attack. And they're all on level 19 or 20.

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    Default Re: Shiny Eevee???

    You have this in the wrong section. Giving away pokemon would go here.


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