War, which is at dawn. It started years ago, when Giratina (Platinum) was awakened. Ultra power Shadow Pokemon, who have talking ability and quite an sentient race, were created by the first of them, the soon to become 'Shadow King', A Zoroark, now known as Zoroak. He shared the power with Cipher's own Shadow Raikou. Raikou, with more of a technological experience, shared the power with thousands of evil pokemon, later to an army of billions. By that time, humans, in order to promote 'Star Wars', replaced swords with actual lightsabres. That, helped the Shadow army to go much more strong. They started to use red lightsabres to show evilness. Hoenn was attacked by the Shadow Army, but pokemon trainers destroyed them with numbers. By that time, human tech has so exceeded that they started giving people with too much of fighting experience to become real deal Ben 10 aliens. Later on it was revealed that aliens do live in the universe and starships and all, Humans reached what was fantasy in four years. These humans can transform at will from human to their alien. Later on, all humans were given this ability to get an alien form in addition to their human form. Pyrax, an Heatblast from an nearby star, was incredibly powerful assassin. He set up an academy which, in addition to education, gave lightsabre & Alien Power lessons, teached by powerful teachers and Pyrax himself. They train to destroy Zoroak's Shadow Force Z, that reformed and now a huge starship army with Shadow Pokemon leads to destroy each Legendary pokemon on whichever planet and eventually destroy or rule earth, the birthplace of pokemon. You are an Pyrax's Academy student with Alien ability to study the arts and face The Army. Also, i heard some Shadow Pokemon are recruiting pokemon at an nearby warehouse...

My Characters Include Zoroak and Pyrax. RP rules apply, in addition to some of this RP's own.

1: No Changing your Alien, so choose carefully.
2: Super Powerful aliens like Waybig and Alien X are not Allowed.
3: No Swearing at all.

Username: Shadow Raikou
Name: Zoroak
Nickname: Shadow King
Age: 25
Alien Form: None, Shadow Pokemon.
Gender: Male
Side: Shadow Force Z
Birthplace: ???
Starter Pokémon: None
Pokémon On Hand: Army of Shadow Pokemon.
Appearance: Much like an normal Zoroark, but he has very big hair, with much more Spikes and The Ponytail also has spikes. He has very sharp claws and main colors are: Black, Red, Gray and Blue.
Picture (Optional): None for now.
Personality: Evil and wants to Rule the Universe and wipe out Legendaries, unless one wants to work as an Shadow Pokemon. Doesn't want to talk much.
Personal History: Unknown
Lightsabre Color: Red

Username: Shadow Raikou
Name: Pyrax
Nickname: Master
Age: 25
Alien Form: Heatblast but doesn't have Human form.
Gender: Male
Side: Universe
Birthplace: Closest Star to Sun.
Starter Pokémon: Chimchar.
Pokémon On Hand: Infernape, thats all we know.
Appearance: An Normal Heatblst with volcanoes on shoulders. He wears an Jacket, Trousers and Belt, non-burning. His 'Jacket' is torn with fighting marks, and his trousers are black. Both have flame color on their bottom.
Picture (Optional): None for now.
Personality: Calm at times, he also doesn't talk much, but that is what he says. He is the strongest person around the academy, and is very positive. Other teachers, students and all others feel safe when he is around.
Personal History: Unknown.
Lightsabre Color: Green.

Both are Arch-Nemesis.

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Alien Form:
Side: Shadow Force Z/Universe
Starter Pokémon:
Pokémon On Hand:
Picture (Optional):
Personal History:
Lightsabre Color: Blue for Student, Green for Other People/Teachers, Red for Shadow Force Z.

Accepted People: