Story: A terrorist organization has kidnapped the president!! The vicepresident has ordered that a team of the most LETHAL killers be sent to get the president back.

Example, mine:

Name:Flinch Firmha

Age:21 (Must be 18 or older)


Personality:Flinch often acts cockey, he's rarely sensitive about anything. Kind of a wise-crack at times.

Bio: Flinch's mother died at when he was young, he never knew his father, he constantly got into fights, he never won any though.

Why your character joined the doomsday squad:Flinch joined the doomsday squad to gain respect from others.

Name:Lee Kloinas



Personality:Lee seems to look up to Flinch for some reason, he's nice, but also an extremely skilled fighter.

Bio:Lee was abandoned by his family when he was two, he met Flinch at a weapons convention. So as far as anyone can see, Flinch is the only family Lee has, even though Flinch won't accept him all the time. Lee is also very skilled with knifes because when he was one his grandfather taught him how to fight using knifes.

When he joined the doomsday squad: Lee joined the doomsday squad to protact Flinch and make sure nothing happens to him.



1: Cursing is aloud but try to over do it.

2:Betrayal is aloud but you must go by me first for permission.

3:Weapons may picked up from killed terrorists so pre-add any.

4: Have fun.