Save Silph Co! (Discussion/ Brainstorming thread)
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Thread: Save Silph Co! (Discussion/ Brainstorming thread)

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    Pumpkin Save Silph Co! (Discussion/ Brainstorming thread)

    Since almost anything goes in the rpg, I thought it logical to create a space where ideas could be organized. If I tried to sum up the goals of the RP in a quick list, it would probably look like this and finishing any one of these could be considered a win:

    1. Stay alive & exit the building
    2. Defeat Team Galactic Plasma ( or at least contact the authorities)
    3. Stop the escaped test subjects (zombie pokemon & mutants)

    If you have a suggestion or if there is something that you might like to see, mention it and I will see about working it in. No idea is out of reach for this story!

    To the Sign up post
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    Default Re: Save Silph Co! (Discussion/ Brainstorming thread)

    I would have already made the Start up if I was not worried about the story being slowed down by having too few players. But it could be a good chance for extra character development..


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