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    Default Re: Sacred Army: A Fantasy/Sci-fi RP

    Hope this is OK, possibly went a bit overboard :s

    Name: Thaddeus “Tad” Thurinus

    Gender: Male

    Race: Mortal (fey heritage), English.

    Age: 21


    Thaddeus has shoulder length, flame red hair, which he keeps tied back in a low ponytail, with on a small fringe of bangs escaping at the front. He has freckles along with chocolate eyes, keeps his facial hair trimmed down to a perpetual five o'clock shadow, and is short of stature, standing at only 5 ft. 2 inches. Unlike many magicians, he is quite fit, as he often likes to trek & travel. However, whilst this does mean he has stamina and is thin, he doesn't really have much muscle tone and only average upper body strength. He commonly wears an dull, dark green, hooded robe, to keep him warm outdoors or in is family's draughty, stone manor, with a T-shirt and trousers of similarly boring colours beneath, typically in earth tones. He wears a pair of thick brown and beige socks underneath grey walking boots.

    Character Class:
    Quote Originally Posted by TV Tropes
    The Vancian Magician: Other Names: Wizard, among many others. These casters rely on Rule Magic and study to learn and wield magic, usually taking years, leaving their bodies squishy and out of shape... most of the time. Dusty tomes and candlelit towers are what you should associate with these guys. If there's a distinction between this and the Inherent Gift Magician, it will be that these ones have some kind of limitation — like needing to prepare which spells they'll use ahead of time — in exchange for more versatility if prepared.

    The Grimoire of the Grove—a. k. a. the Grimoire, a weighty, foul-smelling tome with no name printed on its dirt-coloured cover. It's mouldy, yellowed pages, whilst aesthetically displeasing, contain a vast quantity of magical lore, such as information on learning magic and the multitudinous specialities of magic there are, including Vancian and Theurgy, though Tad has generally shunned the latter. It also contains instructions for a wide variety of spells and potions, and is thick enough to knock someone out cold in a pinch. Whilst not nearly near indestructible, the Grimoire is immune to damage from exposure to the elements (light, water, mud, extremes of temperature, etc.). In fact, readability improves in these conditions.

    Hunting knife—plain silver-plated steel knife, approx. 8 inch. long blade (1 ft. incl. handle), for particularly sticky situations. Tad usually keeps this sheathed on his waist.

    Camping equipment (tent, sleeping bag, food, etc.)

    Electronic Extradimensional Carrier Bag—About the size and shape of a normal satchel/messenger bag, this fusion-powered marvel of modern engineering uses portal technology to fit objects inside itself up to eight times it's own volume. Tad was given it as a birthday present by his paternal grandad when he started getting into hiking, and uses it to store the above items. [/LEFT]


    Aside from his enviable knowledge of magical lore, Tad has a gift with languages, speaking several different tongues, particularly ancient and mystical ones. He is also skilled at cryptograpy, and has good aim, built up by years of practice throwing potions at things.

    Abilities: As a more or less straight play on the Vancian mage, Thaddeus can perform magical feats within the following framework:

    • Tad can only use prepared spells and potions. Preparation can only occur once a day, any time of the day, and takes five roleplay-time minutes (if written). A new day is counted as beginning at the stroke of midnight (roleplay time). Any and all cast spells in action automatically cease when the day they were cast on ends, but potion effects can linger regardless. Also, whilst Tad can only use the spells he's prepared, he can use other potions he may find on missions (though they're probably not likely to be in date, see below).

    • Tad has a maximum of 13 mana per day. All spells and potions cost 1 mana each to prepare, no matter the power, and reduce the next day's maximum value of mana by 1 each until cast (so he'll always have a maximum of 13 available spells on any day). Spells will not expire until they are cast, but unused potions “sour” by the next day. Off/soured potions are wild cards that either don't work at all, go very wrong, or doing something completely random.

    • Spells & potions are like magic bombs: one-use only actions that produce fixed, immutable effects. If Tad wants to use five fireball spells, he'll need to have prepared five fireball spells before hand, he can't just reuse the first one, not even by preparing a spell beforehand that emulates a previously cast spell. In a similar vein, spells & potions cannot be “turned down” to light a cigarette, for example; it just produces a fireball.

    Tad cannot bend these rules using “metamagic”. Whilst Tad can technically use any 13 spells he wishes he only has a limited variety, consisting mostly of weak and moderate strength magics, such as spells for shields, invisibility, small energy bolts and the like. He only has handful of strong magics, like potions for nerve gas and spells for—of course—fireballs.

    For the benefit of the players, all prepared spells and potions Tad has that day will be declared in a spoiler at the beginning of my posts with short descriptions of each, used ones crossed out.

    It should also be noted that, due to a combination of his study of magic and fey heritage, Tad himself is resistant to magic. So, for example, a telekinetic attack designed to knock him off him off his feet may only give him a rough push, or a potion meant to blind him may simply blur his vision instead.


    Tad is, most prominently, a curious soul. He likes to know everything there is about anything he finds interesting, top on that list being—of course—magic, but also camping, hiking, walking and generally any kind of outdoor exploration. He has the spirit of adventure, and is brave and daring. He also loves competition and challenge. This is mainly why he has never had any problems practising Vancian magic – where other mages find it a restrictive, Thaddeus relishes the mental exercise, like a game of sudoku or a crossword. Because of this, Tad has also developed to be rather resourceful and innovative, and it is this trait that has come to save him many times over.

    He's also a sociable guy, but mainly as a means to an end. You can get a lot of leads by talking to people, after all. Tad also has the unfortunately tendency of hot-headedness, getting his hackles up about the slightest of things, sometimes. When drunk, this can easily become an explosive problem—literally.


    Tad was born to, and grew up with, a large, wealthy family consisting of his two parents, several older siblings, two grandparents and one aunt. Together they all lived in their ancestral home, Ambervale, an ancient manor that sat atop a hill overlooking rolling green pastures of English countryside, and a nearby village. Both sides of the family were from long lines of Inherent Gift magicians, and Tad's older relatives did everything possible to support a pro-magic environment for him and his siblings, so that they could grow up to be powerful magicians and maintain the family's honour before the other magical social circles they moved in.

    However, when Tad's gift had not manifested even by 13, they all became rather worried, and took him to see the local Witch Doctor. After some herbal remedies, a vision quest, and several rounds of homeopathy, the Doctor declared that Tad had no inherent gift. Although he was crushed by the revelation, his relatives reacted much worse to the news. Whilst they were also saddened, most were humiliated. It was several weeks after this incident that the teenager received a present, along with a letter, from his paternal grandfather, Ambustus. He lived far away, and had only recently heard. The letter explained that Tad was not the first to have been inherently ungifted, and that the earliest magical members of their family were mortals who'd learnt to use magic. Unfortunately, they wanted more power than they could currently achieve, and devolved into a cult of fey-worshipping Theurgists. However, the Fair Folk are a fickle bunch, and one day they turned on their acolytes. Some were killed or abducted, whilst others were forced to succumb to their dark desires. It was from the latter tortures that Tad's father's side gained the Inherent Gift. This grimoire was written by those fallen Theurgists, and survived them, remaining as a secret testament to their history, passed down covertly through several family members, from his grandmother, to him, and now from Ambustus to Tad.

    Tad was shocked by all of this, especially that their earliest magical relatives were learned magicians. He had been raised to believe that it was an abomination to learn magic; if you never received the gift, it was never meant for you. But the letter insisted: it was his destiny to be a great magician, and this was just the first test, not the final nail in the coffin. After taking a couple of days to grapple with this idea, Thaddeus resolved to learn magic. He set about his studies at once, desperate to prove himself, and since the book was focused on Vancian magic, this is what he learned to wield. Unfortunately, when he “came out” about his new dedication to his family, and attempted to display his impressive talents, it was a disaster. His mother flew into a rage, yelling about tarnishing their collective reputation, whilst his father neglected to speak to him for days. Even his siblings and extended family couldn't look him in the eyes for a week. All except his granddad, who supported him throughout the difficult time. Eventually, however, most of them came to accept his dedication, except his mother, who still refuses to talk to him about it.

    The Sacred Army's interest in him began two years ago, when he was 17. In the summer of that year, there were reports of werewolf attacks threatening the local villagers. Still eager to prove himself, Tad read up on them as much as he could, before setting off to find the beast. Although barely escaping with his life, Tad managed to drive the beast away, for which the villagers were extremely grateful (not to mention generous). Given the fame, fortune and excitement this act of heroism attracted, how could he say no when a robot uprising was reported nearby? The uprising, which involved a number of kitchen appliances gaining self-awareness, was much more easily quelled, though Tad was still rewarded hansomely. After several similar incidents, the Vancian mage soon caught the monster hunting bug. By the time he was 18, he had set off on a year-long trek across Britain, seeking out supernatural occurrences wherever they may appear, and acting as paranormal peace keeper whenever possible, living on his charges' gratitude. It was only three years later, halfway into hitch-hiking across Europe, in the Black Forest of Germany, that a government representative contacted him, claiming that they could use his skills, and he embraced the proposition with open arms.

    Role Playing Sample:
    Since this is my first time roleplaying on this forum, I'm providing an offsite sample. It was a Heroes RPG, beginning with the players breaking out of level 5 cotainment:

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    Default Re: Sacred Army: A Fantasy/Sci-fi RP

    @Green Zubat ; Approved Now get in there!
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