As I like the Newfound academy RP, I thought id do one myself!

Age: 15-17
Backstory: (Optional)

So basically you are a person in an acedemy. Easy enough right? You do normal things, you know, go to lessons be in a relationship, all that stuff. Sure, it sounds boring but you can get used to how other people RP etc. And first of all, you have to do an entry test. You MUST PM THIS TO ME. Dont post in the actual SU thread.

Entry form. (This decides what pokemon you will have)

1. How many known regions are they?
2. Name 5 of the 17 types of pokemon
3. How are Kanto and Johto connected?
4. If you could have any 3 basic pokemon, what wouldyou have? (No legends)

Easy enough right?