(This RP wasn't a complete failure the first time around, but I would've liked it to have gone longer. I'm going to try this again.)

Recently Team Rocket has been experimenting with genetics and have reattempted cloning. They have managed to create cloned pokemon with enhanced strength and abilities. They have more recently managed to clone legendary pokemon, including ten more clones of Mew. They have taken the newly discovered Naoen region as their base of operations. Now the International Police has sent out requests for the top trainers across the world to come to Naoen to help stop Team Rocket.

1.The simple ones:No godmodding, No cybering, No one liners.
2.You may have reserve pokemon in your PC, but you may only start with your party pokemon.
3.When you catch a pokemon you must update your profile.
4.Cursing is allowed, but no posts completely consisting of curses.
6.Please PG-13 people, for romance and violence. This is Pokemon people, Pokemon doesn't have gore and sex.
7.I want this RP to have only good roleplayers. If I don't think you'll do well, you won't be accepted.
8.If you read the rules put "I herd u liek Mudkipz" somewhere on your profile.
9.You have three strikes then you're out.
10.I bet you didn't realize there was no #5. You looked back up to check didn't you.

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