In the mountains of Sinnoh, there is a large forest.
At the centre of this forest is the Tree of Life, sacred, and guarded so accordingly.
The Tree of Life is an ancient artifact from thousands of years before, and helps bring fertility and power to the world around it.
After all this time, the Tree is gigantic, and a small city has sprung up in it's branches, stewarded by families who have guarded this sacred place for hundreds of years from those who would seek to take advantage of the Tree's power, or destroy it.
But this particular night, their strength was not enough, and the Tree fell.
Amongst the burning wreckage, the survivors of the attack on their sacred relic and home found a Life Seed, a child to the tree that could once again draw forth it's power.
However, it would not grow here...
When faced to the south, it glowed gently.
The few survivors know they must take the Seed to this place, and revive the Tree!