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    Default The regular life RP.

    Please go to this URL to sign up and read the rules: http://
    Street map:
    Plot 1 Plot 1 b
    Plot 2 Alex’s House
    Plot 3 Plot 3 b
    Plot 4 Plot 4 b
    Alex: Owner of street

    RP: It was a nice day, and Alex looked outside his window from his breakfast table waiting for someone new?...
    I am a Porygon fanatic. I also live in a Laboratory, on a remote island, (New island) where all I eat and drink is: Donut Crumbs, Pokemon food scraps, Magikarp, Coffee Dust, Poorly filtered sewage, and the occasional useless Pokemon that (CLASSIFIED) has too many of. (Mostly Bidoof) I'm here with several other scientists, but we aren't allowed to talk. We each have a personal warden.The metal doors to our laboratories never open. Sometimes we are transported to (CLASSIFIED) facilities. HELP ME!

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    Default Re: The regular life RP.

    Hobo Bob stared back at him. He was a 20-something looking man, at least seven feet tall, with long, curly black hair,going all the way down to his waist. He was tapping on Alex's window with his favorite rusty spoon. He was somewhat of a mythic figure in the neighborhood, shrouded in mystery. Some say he was a former entrepreneur, a multimillionaire before he was ruined. Others say he was on the run from the law. Other say he always just was, since the beginning of time. He was tapping on windows with his rusty spoons since the earth began, and he'd be doing it at the end.

    No matter what, at this point, he was in Alex's yard, speaking to him.

    "Hey, hey, hey, Alex, want to go on an adventure?" He asked. He reached into his huge, green, incredibly smelly jacket and pulled out a tattered scroll, waving it in front of the window.

    "I found a treasure map in the trash at McBurger's next to a dead body! Sady sniffed it out for me." Sady was Hobo Bob's pet Purrugly.
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    Also this RP is really cool. It's like Percy Jackson. You can be a god's reincarnation and have powers and you're at a school and it's totally radical!


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