Welcome to Redemption, an RPG inspired by the works of Michael Grant. The gaiaphage is about to strike another blow against the children of the FAYZ, can you stop it?

You can only have TWO characters in this RPG at any one time.If you wish to claim a character please request in this thread.DON'T complain if someone is already using a character you want.NO BAD LANGUAGE. If the majority of canon characters are taken, please feel free to request use of an O/C. Please stay in character e.g. Drake/Brittney should listen to and normally obey the gaiaphage, kids at Perdido Beach should obey Caine. This RPG is set one month after plague.

Canon Characters Needing RPGers
Sam Temple
Astrid Ellison
Quinn Gaither
Peter Ellison
Charles Merriman
Computer Jack
Dekka Talent
Brianna 'The Breeze'
Howard Bassem
Caine Soren
Diana Ladris
Drake Merwin/Brittney
Lana Arwen Lazar
Sanjit Brattle-Chance
Virtue Brattle-Chance
John Terrafino
Artful Roger

Characters Already in use
The Gaiaphage (Meerkat Revolution)
Edilio Escobar (Meerkat Revolution)