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    Default Realms of Power (non-pokemon)

    Summary: The Realms of Power...six kingdoms, each one of different element, home to a variety of powerful creatures. Burntopia, the Fire Realm. Hydrussia, the Water Realm. Zephyron, the Air Realm. Understone, the Earth Realm. Chromopolis, the Metal Realm. And finally, Sparksberg, the Thunder Realm. Though there is no real conflict between these six realms, they do have combat arenas in each one, so that their warriors can prove themselves to one another in battle. Such is the setting for a new hybrid dice/trading card game that's become immensely popular! You are a player of this hot new game, and you get to battle other players, using your creatures against your opponents'. Defeat all of your opponents' monsters to win in a battle of strategy and wits!

    Here is the rules for creating your character
    1. No god-modding
    2. Put as much detail to your character as you can
    3. Come up with what creatures your character uses, as well as the playing style.
    4. Character Backgrounds are optional.

    Now, here is the character creation template:

    Hair Color:
    Eye Color:
    Skin Tone:
    Personality Traits:
    Preferred Realm:
    Playing Style:
    Background: (again, optional)

    Now, for the gameplay stuff.

    The creatures of the Realms of Power game in the RP, are usually presented in the form of dice or trading cards. All dice in the hybrid dice/trading card game are d6 (six-sided) dice. Also, when your characters play against each other in either the dice or card game, it's turn-based.

    Types of Dice
    Creature Die: Represents a creature from the world or RoP. Each face of a Creature Die has symbol representing a body part. When you roll the Creature Die and it lands on a body part, refer to a part's command list on the creature's card (see Types of Cards).
    World Die: Each side has a symbol representing each of the six Realms of Power. Roll it to decide the Realm in which the entirety of the battle will take place.
    Realm Die: There is one of each Realm, and each side of a Realm Die represents an area of that Realm that you could battle in. Roll it to determine where the battle would take place.
    Attack Die: Whatever number you roll on the Attack Die will determine how power is put into your creature's attack. If the number rolled on the Attack Die is higher than the one on your opponent's Defense Die (see Defense Die), then the opposing Creature Die is defeated and removed from play.
    Defense Die: Whatever number you roll on this die will determine how much you put in your creature's defense when your opponent's creature attacks. If the number you roll is higher than the one on your opponent's Attack Die, then the attack is negated.

    Types of Cards
    Creature Cards: They each have a picture of its creature, its HP (card game only), its elemental attribute, its effects in both the dice and card games, and the command lists for each part of the Creature Die. If a Creature Card's HP is diminished, it goes to the discard pile
    Attack Cards: They come in different attributes, and have numbers representing how damage that it causes to an enemy creature. If the number on an Attack Card is higher than that of an opponent's Defense Card (see Defense Cards), then the opposing creature will take damage.
    Defense Cards: They're like the Attack Cards, only they can block attacks. If the number on a Defense Card is higher than the opponent's Attack Card, the enemy attack is negated.
    Realm Cards: Each of these six cards represents a different Realm of Power. You or your opponent can pick a Realm Card, then selecting a Location Card (see Location Cards) in which the battle would take place.
    Location Cards: They each represent a different area of a selected Realm. Each one has a different special side-effect for any creature.
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