Dear Agony
Just let go of me
Suffer slowly
Is this the way it's got to be?
Don't bury me
Faceless enemy
I'm so sorry
Is this the way it's gotta be?
Dear Agony

Corrupt politicians, evil terrorist groups, all of the chaos in the world led to the disaster that is today.

The regions are being reduced to nothing, torn by civil wars, insufficiant governments, riots, and a terrorist group bent on the destruction of the world. The shining crown of Kanto and Johto, the Indigo Plateau was destroyed, burned to ashes, and the champion murdered. Hoenn's strength faded as the terrorist group began to continue its spread of strife, and Sinnoh began to fall as well, eventually coming to the point of not only civil wars, but chaotic wars against the other regions, which only furthered the destruction being spread. Eventually, all that has been left are battlezones and cities filled with dead bodies, or people struggling for life, praying that Arceus would take mercy on their souls.

Unova, being so far away, is the last region to be affected by this and has remained strong against the terrorist group for quite some time due to the distance. Cynthia and White, the only surving champions left in the world, have gathered together a small army of high-class Pokemon trainers to defend the stronghold of Unova. However, even so, the army can only hold out against the mysterious new team for so long before Unova begins to be affected as well. However, with the stength of the Yin and Yang dragons, the armies of Unova may be able to buy you some time before they begin to lose strength.

While White, Cynthia and they're small army protect Unova, you and a group of elite trainers will be sent out to destroy the parts of the terrorist organization within the other regions and put an end to the strife they all face. Starting with Sinnoh, you teams will be shipped off. Along with your teamates, you will either settle the conflict inside the regions and end this last Organzation once and for all in the ultimate fight for redemption-

or join them in destroying all life on Earth. By joining them you're goal is to capture the being that is Arceus to end everything once and for all, led by the Bishop of your organization, Stream Bass as he's known, you will fight for destruction, causing disaster and death wherever you go.

But remember this.

Cynthia was approached by a mysterious pokemon before she left who told her this before vanishing into the night.

Judgment day is coming, be prepared.

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Looking for about 3-4 people to engage in a PRP with me on this. You can either be apart of Void (the evil Organization) or fight for order in the Unovan Forces.