(While there may be some blood and violence, it is only meant in a "cartooney" not serious way, or maybe silly is the correct word?)

To celebrate the completion of a new Magnet train tunnel system that links all towns in Kanto together, everyone gets to ride for free all day! It is also the debut of the latest model of train that has 20 separate cars, with 4 private cabins per car, a wide open seating car and exterior walkways on the sides and rooftops. (although roof access is restricted when the Magnet train is moving underground)

Ridership was at an all time high and everything was going great, until a pokemon investigator holds up a badge and makes a train wide annoucement: "It has come to my attention that there are a number of undead creatures on board. I am not exactly sure where they are but I am going to need some help to get these mother ******g zombies off of this gosh *** train! I want all passengers to stay as calm as possible during this search." Following the message there is silence for about 30 seconds before panic and screaming engulf the speeding train!

Sign Up sheet:
Pokemon: (up to 6, from any region allowed but no legendaries)
Location on train: (either in 1 of the 20 cars or outside)
(personallity and history may be revealed during the rp)