you may have heard of my big project but I am going to make a video game out of my rpg. But I can't do this all alone which is where you guys come in. I'm hoping to build a staff to help me with the game. Its beneficial for us both, you get credit for this and a role to play in making it. And I get one step closer to finishing the game. Everyone is welcome to join and its never too late to jump in and help, some staff roles have been taken but we do need more workers. Please consider this, as we need your help. The game will be 3D and animated by myself. It will be written by myself and I have already planned the sequels. Make sure you can fit time in for the game.

Current Staff List:
Head Writer:Sandslash
Head Of Character Design:Ashy-boy
Logo Designer:Blazaking EX
Pokevice Designers:Ashy-boy and Blazaking EX
Character Designers:
Music Department
Pokemon Designer:The Zorua
Head Of Casting Department:
Voice Actors:
Pokedex Writers:Ino-chan, alexjuuhh, Ashy-boy
Set Designer:
Soundtrack Organizer:
Head Of Art Department:
Art Department:
Head Of Music Department:

Each and everyone one of you can have a role to play and bringing the game together. The game is a mixture of Pokemon and Digimon. After mysteriously finding a Pokevice, you're transported to the Pokemon World and assigned a Pokemon Partner and orders from Princess Giselle. As you go on your journey you must conquer your rivals, defeat the 8 gyms and earn more Pokemon to join your team!

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