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    Default Pokemon Study Centre

    Name: Reuben Morrow

    Nickname: Dragon

    Age: 15

    Gender: Male

    Appearance: Shortish jet-black spiky hair, tall, skinny figure. Wears blue and black body warmer, tiger stripe hoodie underneath, camouflage bottoms and scruffy trainers. Pale coloured skin.

    Personality: Dragon is pretty much a nerd, but he is optimistic and strong. He is not very popular and earned his nickname Dragon because he his of his knowledge of dragon type pokemon.
    His biggest strength is pokemon battling and general knowledge. his weaknesses are probally girls and rock type pokemon.

    Studies: Pokemon biology, Electric and dragon type pokemon.

    History: Dragon grew up in Goldenrod City, along with his three siters, who were all older than him, his mother and his father. his father wanted him to be a farmer like him, but dragon decided to be a pokemon trainer. he traveled through johto and kanto, defeating trainers and collecting badges, eventually defeating the elite four. he continued traveling, searching for pokemon to catch and trainers to battle. when the pokemon study centre opened, he travelled to Unova to attend it. and now here he is, standing outside the gate.

    Charizard (Power)
    Dragon's first Pokemon, he worked hard to evolve that Charmander into a Charmeleon, and eventually Charizard. It is Dragon's strongest pokemon, and it measures about 7.5 ft.
    Moves- Blast Burn, Overheat, Flamethrower, Rock Smash, Fly and Cosmetic Toss

    Pikachu (Speed)
    First caught with Dragon's Charmeleon as a Pichu, it followed Dragon everywhre, and refused to go into a pokeball or the PC. it evolved into a Pikachu when Dragon gave it calcium, and still follows it's same habits.
    Moves- Volt Tackle, Thunder Bolt, Charge Beam, Iron Tail, Quick Attack and Thunder Wave

    The study centre is basiclly like a high school whre you only pick a few subjects to work at so you can qualify. it is non uniform, and it is permitted to have pokemon out of their pokeballs. it is also has a boarding section, a battle ground, and many classrooms according to subject. You can apply from 10 to 20 years old. The rest of the stuff you can make up as you go along.

    Dragon, Speed and Power stood outside the gates of the study centre. "This is it, s'pose." Power and Speed grunted and chripped. "Let's go." They started to walk into a world of excitement....
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    Default Re: Pokemon Study Centre

    has anyone joined yet? i mite consider it but not if im the only other person there

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    Default Re: Pokemon Study Centre

    I'll join, but first...
    What subjects are there?

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