Sierra Island is an island northwest of Unova. It contains Pokemon from all 5 regions, and it is a trainer's paradise... albeit a gangster's one to. The island is split up into the Country District (where people take it free and slow), the Indigo District (where all the gyms are, and Sierra's Pokemon League), and the Central District (where all the gambling and gang warfare occurs).

In this RP, you can be one of four types of people: a member of the Gun Runners, the good guys. Or, a member of the Sierra Kings, the bad guys. You can be a cop, a general peacemaker. Or, you can be just an average trainer.

This RP is going to be a bit violent, as it is like Pokemon and GTA combined (no, there won't be any GTA characters.). Oh, and also, no
this to get past the three line rule.

The form for sign ups:

Name: What's your character called?
Age: The age of your character.
Gender: The gender of your character.
Personality: The personality of your character. Please, put in detail without making it vague.
Items: What items does your character have?
Weaponry: What weapons does your character have?
History: The history of your character. Please... put it in detail.
Other: Anything else?