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    Default Pokemon Ranger:Eruption At Ryu Islands

    One Week Ago

    A group of tourists followed the teenage tour guide, Koji as he walked around the island. Koji stopped in front of an ancient looking volcano surrounded by ocean and turned to the crowd.

    "This is the Ryu Volcano." Koji explained. "The Ryu Islands are split up into several different islands but the Ryu Volcano is in the center of all of the islands. An eruption from the Ryu Volcano would be devastating."

    The tourists began to take pictures with their cameras as they stared, awestruck at the volcano.

    "Amazing!" "Abosolutely stunning!" "I'm going to post these pictures on my blog!"

    But the tourists were too busy to notice that a small cloud of black smoke had begun to emerge from the volcano.

    "What is that?" A woman asked, pointing to the smoke.

    "It is nothing to worry about." Koji replied. "It has been 10,000 years since the Ryu Volcano's last eruption."

    The woman turned to her husband, seeming to believe Koji's words. But suddenly the air was filled with the black smoke and people coughed and gasped.

    "Nothing is happening! Just a fog!" Koji tried to calm down the crowd.

    But suddenly the earth began to shake violently and lava poured out of the volcano. The volcano shook violently as lava came out.

    "Go back to your hotels!" Koji began ushering people to their hotels.

    A sole Mareep huddled in fear in front of the volcano.

    "Mareep!" A little girl ran towards her Mareep as her parents chased after her.

    "Stop! Its not safe!" Koji yelled but a large boulder came flying forwards and the family was not seen again.

    Kame City Ranger Guild

    "EMERGENCY. EMERENCY. PLEASE RESPOND IMMEDIATLY." The monotone voice came out of a computer. An Operator hurriedly attemped to skip the message but the computer just continued with the message.

    Suddenly, the montone voice started to echo from all of the computers.

    "Whats going on?" An Operator stood up. The emergency red light began flashing and the alarm went off.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Ranger:Eruption At Ryu Islands

    Leaf was nervous. The emergency alarm had gone off and that meant missions, which wasn't good if you were a total newbie.

    Learn from mistakes, whether it's yours or someone elses. It's the only way to survive.
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    Default Re: Pokemon Ranger:Eruption At Ryu Islands

    Ally fell off the bed and onto the floor. "owww too early" she mumbled and covered herself with the blankets


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