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    A young Elekid by the name of Jupiter and his friend Magby were exploring the mysterious Dark Cave.

    "Are we almost there?" Magby asked.

    Jupiter pulled a hand drawn map out of his pocket. "I think so. The treasure should just ahead."

    "I'm so excited!" Magby exclaimed in happiness and began running forward.

    "Wait up!" Jupiter ran after his friend. The two young boys had dreamt of forming a rescue team and becoming heroes.

    Magby laughed at Jupiter struggling to catch up with him. Magby stopped sudddenly when the earth started shaking and cracks began forming on the floor of the cave.

    "Waaah! Tremors!" dozens of rocks fell around the boys. Jupiter crouched down and covered his eyes. A few moments later, the tremors had stopped.

    "Magby!" Jupiter shouted. "Magby!" the air was dusty and rocks were scattered everywhere. Jupiter looked around when he suddenly saw his best friend's paw from underneath a rock.

    I see now that the circumstances of one's birth are irrelevant, it is what you do with the gift of life that determines who you are.

    -Pokemon: The First Movie

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    Default Re: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon:Genesis

    Muddy kept walking. It was a pleasant, sunny day. He had been travelling for more than a month now. He looked at the map his mother had given him as a 13th birthday present. It was very detailed and carefully drawn. It had names of places on it. Some were written in black, others in gold. There were names on different areas of the sea. He carefully calculated the distance he had travelled in the last two days. He was only a day or two away from a town.
    Likes them with art.


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