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    Talking - Pokemon League - The Unova conference *Sign ups*

    (Whats up peeps? The new Bulbagarden has been giving my computer a hard time but finally the long wait is over!)

    Unova has been the starting point for many up and coming trainers, as well as a magnet for expert pokemon trainers. But now the time has come for both novices and experts alike to gather in Nimbasa city for a no holds barred tournament for the ages! Participants will be competing for a highly coveted VIP all access sports ticket, which grants the holder free admission to all Nimbasa city sporting events for life! The winners pokemon team also gets to choose 3 bags of rare and delicous imported pokemon snacks!

    No godmoding
    All pokemon EV's do not apply here
    Pokemon levels are 100
    Match ups will be decided through random brackets.
    Battles will be conducted loosely based on the rules from the handheld games according to Black/ White.
    No legendaries allowed.
    Moves with countdowns are banned (such as Perish song) Moves involving evasion are banned (weather changing is still allowed)

    Battles will be 3 v 3, single eliminations.
    The trainer of a defending pokemon decides if an attack hits or not.
    Teams are fully healed after every battle.
    After the start up thread is posted the tournament can officially begin.
    The 1st two trainers at the top of the bracket can then battle as long as they are both present in the stadium.

    If 1 trainer fails to show up for their match then they will be disqualified after about 2 real life days.
    The one who showed up will then be granted a free win and move on.
    If neither trainer manages to appear for their turn, then BOTH are disqualified and eliminated from the tournament. (This would happen after about 3 real life days)
    The exception to these time rules is the 1st match of the tournament where the participants will have at least 7 real life days to begin before being disqualified. (you can begin right away if you want though)

    After a battle starts there is a fairly generous time limit. If a battle is in progress and 1 or both trainers stop making actions then they can still be given an automatic loss eventually.

    Once we reach the bottom of the bracket, the turn order goes back to the top with the winners pairing off down the line.
    Side stories are allowed and encouraged but don't forget to head to the stadium if your turn is coming up. (also try not to interfere with any tournament matches)
    If you would like to forfeit, PM me and I will have a npc make an announcement. (so we do not have to wait for a disqualification)
    If you have read all of these rules, then good luck and have fun!

    How to Sign up
    3 Pokemon, 4 moves each and no held items:
    Why you decided to enter the tournament:

    Don't go into a rage if you lose or get disqualified, you will still be able to watch the rest of the match's from the side lines and it may give you the perfect reason to go off on a side story!

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    Default Re: - Pokemon League - The Unova conference *Sign ups*

    Name: Aaron Swift
    Appearance: Aaron has messy black hair that is not combed into any particular style, rather simply shoved into a blue baseball cap with a black Lucario logo. He has bluish green eyes, pale skin, a Roman nose, and a great smile. He has a scar on his right hand, but he always wears black fingerless gloves, so it is not normally visible. He is usually wearing black and blue beaten up Running Shoes, white socks, blue jeans, a plain black tee shirt, a dark blue and black Polar Fleece jacket, black fingerless gloves, and the aforementioned Lucario baseball cap.
    History: Aaron was born on the Sevii Islands and was raised to be a Coordinator. His heart was never in it, however, and he dropped out after his second Ribbon to take the Gym challenge. He made it successfully to the Unova League finals, where his Tyranitar, Bulk, was destroyed by Alder's Volcarona. He left humiliated and has always wanted a rematch with Alder, and has been participating in tournaments around the globe since in order to improve.
    3 Pokemon, 4 moves each and no held items:

    Tyranitar, Male
    Sand Stream
    Stone Edge, Crunch, Pursuit, Aqua Tail

    Excadrill, Male
    Sand Rush
    Swords Dance, Earthquake, Rapid Spin, Shadow Claw

    Garchomp, Female
    Sand Veil
    Swords Dance, Earthquake, Fire Fang, Outrage

    Why you decided to enter the tournament: Following up his narrow win against Jakku Ebansu in the Indigo League Conference, earning him a win, Aaron is confident he can beat Alder if he were to meet him again. When he heard about this tournament in Unova, he knew he had to enter on the off-chance Alder would be there.
    Other: (Wait, are we supposed to write 'good luck and have fun' here, or were you just telling us to have good luck and fun?)

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    Default Re: - Pokemon League - The Unova conference *Sign ups*

    Alright, the returning champion! (I would say you could use the Mew from the last contest but it would make you way too overpowered)

    Quote Originally Posted by Merry Blaze View Post
    are we supposed to write 'good luck and have fun' here, or were you just telling us to have good luck and fun?
    Nope, you do not have to put anything in that space.

    Merry Blaze, Approved!

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