(ooc: due to this going obciously slow I'm cutting the dungeon in half. it's now 3.5 floors. 3 are real floors the .5 is the boss floor. Pi plz stop fighting me every step of the way. I just need a little cooperation. next floor you get a ton more freedom. There succes is based on how well you RP. Ok? so just bare with me.)

"We'll get to face him soon enough, and besides maybe it'll be worth or whiles to go the long way. These ruins tend to have quite the collection of loots." Jaklo said, "But for now lets move."

(ok just gonna make you mate me)

After a long arguement the group finally proceded down the barren path. Jaklo did feel bad for being so bosy, but the others were being rather stubborn. A while down the barren path they found a small shrine like structure with a small chest inside. The chest was wood and had a metal lock. It was surounded by a ring of metal bars that came out of tne ceiling. The shrine had four pillars. each had a musical note. Do, So, Me, and La.

((ok first puzzle. Inspect and try to solve. I'll tell if you got it, and you each get two tries.))