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    Default Pokemon Civilization Sign-Up Thread

    This is a RPG/Strategy game
    Storyline:A demolished city stands alone.No human activity is found anywhere.Suddenly a rustle comes from the rubble.More join it.They pop out.They are Drilburs.They surrvived by digging tunnels to protect themselves.Many other pokemon come out.Many have one question:Where is my Trainer?Soon they discover that the human race died out.They start frome the rubble,making grand cities.Tensions break out automaticaly.Soon,wepons develope.The race for the campion Pokemon city has begun.

    1.Keep everything a PG atmosphere
    2.No godmoding
    3.If you need to curse,use a asteriks,leave no letter uncovered
    4.No world destruction bombs or anything else
    5.Legendaries have a limited power.These are what they can do.
    -Arceuses can help,not hurt,other nations
    -Legendaries can hurt other nations,but can be killed(It's just hard to do so)
    -You cannot help only one country.
    -Admins can make a play by legendaries illegal.
    -There is also a unfavor stat for cities.If one has too high of an unfavor score,you cannot help them.
    6.To declare war,the other person/city you want to fight has to agree.
    7.You may controll more than one character,not city,if you can handle it.
    8.If you are captured,you can still rp,but only in that setting(rule 7 makes an exeption).
    9.You may not revive anyone after the next day they have died(in game).
    10.When city is destroied,the winner now controlles it,unless the controling civilization get rebeled by citizens form the original city and fails to resist it,then controll is returned to original owner
    11.There are truces and alliances(and backstabs on treaties XD)
    Character sheet:
    Character sign up form:
    Forum Name:
    City contolled/controlled by(choose 1) :
    Legendary(cannot choose one someone already has) :
    Arcesus you want to be:
    (If you want to be admin you post in sign up sheet,but you must explain how you will be good in it)

    Flare's flash

    Steel Arceus(Flare's flash)
    Kyurem(Flare's Flash)

    Leaders(those who controll cities) :
    Shiny Zoroark:Dark City leader.Special:Can hide city using illusions(Lasts for 1 day)(Flare's flash)City health:10000
    Characters(Others controlled by cities):
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