OOC: Okay guys, I was thinking that every time we get to a certain spot in the story, we make it a whole new RP, kind of like the seasons of anime (ex. Battle Dimension, Galactic Battles, Sinnoh League Victors, etc.)

IC: Benny flew on Dragonite's back over the vast Crushio Region. They were almost in Glamoraceon Ciy, the biggest city in Crushio. It was the place where Benny had been told that he would get his first Pokemon. Nope, Dragonite was not Benny's Pokemon. It was his brother's. His brother was another one of those top-notch trainers and had lent his Pokemon to ennyfor the trip. It was just beginning to get light out, and Benny could see the sun peeking out between two mountains. Benny grabbed his mini-Crushio handbook out of his back pocket and flipped through it until he found inforamtion about these two mountains. "Mt. Gold and Mt. Silver." Benny read aloud. And just as the bright lights of Glamoraceon City began to appear over the horizon, he put his booklet away and looked torwards the ground to see if he culd spot any Pokemon. But, Dragonite happened to be flying Benny over a forest at that moment and he trees were to thick to see anything lurking on the forest floor. "Well, we're almost there." Benny said to himself as Dragonite tried to spot out a good place to land. "Only a couple yards away from getting my first Pokemon." he squealed.