Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)
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Thread: Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)

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    Default Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)

    Team Rocket is at it again. They have nearly done it this time. You know what I mean. Taken over the world. 6 people, 3 trainers and 3 researchers, have fled to the corners of the Pokemon World (Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, Orre, Fiore) to try and stop them. There is only 1 way to bring them down. There are 9 orbs scattered around the world, and each holds the world together. If Team Rocket gets to the orbs before our 6 heroes do, it will mean bad news. In addition, each orb is guarded by traps, and by a legendary Pokemon.
    Normal RPG rules apply.
    No spamming, no godmodding, etc.

    Trainer or Professor: (3 trainers, 3 professors)
    Starting region: (One in each of the regions mentioned above)
    Pokemon: (3 maximum. If professor, must have at least 1 starter Pokemon/Starter Evo.)

    Accepted: (1) professor left.
    Kanto: J Fletch - Flyingmudkipzz - Trainer
    Johto: Prof. James Ironwood - Death By Manga - Professor
    Hoenn: Nathaniel Johns - RayquazaTamer100 - Trainer
    Sinnoh: Skye Alura - Goldenrod Girl - Professor
    Fiore: Emma Walker - Umbreonlover - Trainer
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    Default Re: Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)

    Name: J Fletch



    Trainer or Professor: Trainer

    Starting region: Kanto

    Pokemon: Meowth, Scyther, Magikarp, Dragonair, Muk, Slowbro.

    Appearance: J Fletch is a brown haired kid with the height of five foot seven. He has green eyes, and small arms and legs. These features cause him to resemble a velociraptor. He has a small build, and has little muscle tone. He has a protruding jaw, and has sharpened teeth. These perplexing features, and his quirky smile make J Fletch always seem out of place.

    Personality:J Fletch was always a timid kid, and was always picked on. Throughout his years as a student, he was top of the class, and had a plethora of friends, but tended to keep to himself. His brother even picked on him, and J Fletch was never one to fight back. He tends to be timid at times, but when it comes to battling or farmville, J Fletch will always be the top man. His brother even picked on him, and forcefully filed down his teeth after giving him a dose of Lunesta. His teeth never did grow back, and all though he could have gone to an orthodontist, J Fletch decided to instead keep it as a reminder of his past. After years of planning on becoming a lawyer, J Fletch changes his mind to become a pokemon master. Starting at the age of 14 J Fletch started catching pokemon, and although he was behind, he quickly sweeps through Kanto, and gets all eight badges.

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    Post Re: Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)

    Name: Prof. James Ironwood
    Gender: Male
    Age: 32
    Starting region: Johto
    Pokemon: Feraligator, Sudowoodo, and Alakazam
    Appearance: A young man with long red hair tied in a ponytail. He wears a tux with a Pokedex in his front pocket
    Personality: Very analytical and manipulative. He has sworn to protect this sorry world, even if that means saying, and doing, things others wouldn't.
    History: An average life except that he was raised by monks in Bell Tower.
    Other: N/A
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    Spike: Because it's always got to be Blood.
    Xander: You know we're not exactly discusing Diner Menus.
    Spike: Blood is Life nimrod. Why do you think we drink it? It's what keeps you going. What keeps you warm. Makes you anything bud dead. That's why it's blood.

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    Default Re: Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)

    Is nathan taken..if so, heres my charecter.

    -Name: Nathaniel Johns
    -Gender: Male
    -Age: 18
    -Trainer or Professor: Trainer
    -Starting region: Hoenn
    -Pokemon: Typhlosion, Blazakien, and Charmander(Shiny, if it is allowed)
    -Appearance: He looks like Gold in the games, but doesnt wear a hat, and has short brown hair and blue eyes
    -Personality:He is charming, funny, all around guy to be with. He loves to play around, and get serious when times are tough.
    -History:Born in Hoenn, he took the Hoenn challenge, and beat it with his three fire types, and some other pokemon. Although he beat the champion, Wallace; he declined on taking charge of the Champion postion, so he can explore the vast pokemon universe.
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    Default Re: Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)

    Name: Emma Walker
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Trainer or Professor: Trainer
    Starting Region: Fiore
    Pokemon: Shadow (Umbreon), Knight (Absol), Nightmare (Honchkrow)
    Appearance: Black Bomber jacket, Black Skirt, a white shirt, and Black and white sneakers and a Headband, and a Bag.
    Personality: Loving, Outgoing, Loves Dark Pokemon.
    History: Born in Sinnoh but was captured and lived with a stranger in Fiore. Emma escaped her torture and took on the gym leaders one person at a time.
    Other: N/A

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    Default Re: Pokémon: Rocket Syndrome (let's try this again!) (Sign-ups)

    Name:Skye Alura
    Trainer or Professor:Professor
    Starting region:Sinnoh
    Appearance:Chocolate curls that fall down her back.Has midnight blue eyes that always seem deep in thought.Wears a plain white dress.Goes barefoot.
    Personality:Isn't really aware of her beauty.Hides away and acts at night.Seems to be mourning something.Rarely speaks,and if she does,always in a soft whisper.Doesn't need to direct her pokemon.


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