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    Unova is torn by war. From all sides the city-states battle with vast armies of Pokémon. There is no respite, as the land is churned by the great battles. There must be an end, one final victory. There must be one who rules all of Unova.

    You are the leader of an army of Pokémon. There are three possibilities of what your band of Pokémon can be, it can be attached to a city-state over which you rule, it can be a group of freedom fighters or brigands, or it can be a mercenary company, ready to be hired by anyone. The technology is around that of the time of the middle ages.

    You are not at war with another state until you declare war on them. Until this time boundary incursions are considered an offence. As the leader you will be involved in many battles, where your troops and your strategy will come to the test.

    There is a polytheistic (many gods, if you are unfamiliar with the term) religion in Unova currently. The three main gods are Kyurem, Reshiram and Zekrom, and the minor gods are Cobalion, Terrakion, Vizirion, Keldeo and Victini (at this point Genesect does not exist). Your faction must choose a main and a minor god to worship, and you can ask for their aid occasionally if you are devout enough. In battle these are like gods, even a hundred Hydregion could not take down a Reshiram.

    The Pokémon do not know specific attacks, only, say for instance a fire-spitting attack, or general hand-to-hand combat.

    You are only allowed to recruit troops that are present in your area of land (i.e. you couldn't recruit Blitzle in Opelucid) in the games, with a few exceptions. If you can find a reason in the PokéDex entry, the geography of the animal which the Pokémon is based on, or any similar logic that you can explain to me then you may have that Pokémon in your army.

    Pokémon allowed in areas outside of their game capture zone:

    Also, the Desert Castle counts as a city, and owns Desert Resort.

    You will have to be a good ruler, and what you do may effect the happiness of your citizens and cause them to revolt. You also have money and resources to count on, make sure you think about more than War.

    Any questions then just ask, may the best army win!

    Sign Ups:

    Reserved Cities (yes, you can negotiate this if you want):



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