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    Project DEvolution: Chapter 1.1
    [We were changing the world]

    -A man in a white lab coat addresses a large group of bustling scientists from his balcony-

    "Move it! We cant get this project going if we don't work faster! We're on the brink of making history here, don't give up now!"

    [It seemed right at first]

    -An administrator walks over to the leader of the project, Dr. Kurosawa, with a handful of papers-

    "Dr. Kurosawa! We have to stop his experiment, immediately. We can't play God like this, we'll only bring pain and destruction to our world! I have proof that this experiment might even destroy Man and Pokemon alike. End this madness!"

    "I've had enough of your insolence, Rustam, get out of my laboratory at once! I won't let anyone hamper our glorious revolution."

    "You don't know what could happen from this Kurosawa!"

    "I know that my name will be known the world over after my work is done!"

    [In that laboratory, an undertaking never before seen was taking place, something the general population never could've fathomed....We, the Paradigm Pokemon Analysis Division A....were creating life]

    Dr. Alviss Rustam, Paradigm Admin.
    -End of Entry-

    Pokemon DEvolution RPG Features: (just to state a few)
    Full control over Pokémon and use of their abilities.
    Combination Techniques for your own Pokémon and others as well.
    Wide Areas, Gyms, and "Wild" Pokémon to be explored and encountered.
    A new system of special moves known as Burst Techniques!
    A Dice system for probability-based attacks and maneuvers.
    Missions, Quests, Objectives, and other jobs that can be done.
    Extended Adventures that one may go on with friends.
    A battle system combining the best parts of the Pokémon anime and video games

    Available Pokemon:
    -All main game starter Pokémon (including Pikachu and Eevee)

    You can list Pokémon not on this list, but if they have a pre-evolutionary form from the same or later Generation, the first form introduced may be used (ex. Magmar may be used instead of Magby).
    Unavailable Pokémon:
    Glitch Pokemon and eggs, obviously
    Others to be added later

    Pokémon DEvolution, a project run amok. Fifty years after the fated experiment, even the residual flames can't cauterize the deep losses cut to their society.
    Airen! A region of immense wealth and technological advancement. Climbing out of the ashes, the phoenix lives on, though in a different form. After grave losses, the Airen Terminals have risen in fame, fun, and influence. Live and journey as your favorite Pokémon and find out how the Devolutionary process changed the world!

    Join the Airen League and turn the world of Pokémon on its head! Power in your palms~

    If interested in joining, please sign up >here< or click my userbar~ Also, if you choose to do so, please post the following form in a reply:

    Devolution Username:
    Pokemon Request:

    This small submission will do for now, as I'm just testing the waters before I have to submit every Pokémon to the game.
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