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    Question PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    Long ago there was a master craftsman who also had a daughter. The girl loved to play with pokemon but as this was a time before the invention of the pokeball, she was unable to go on a proper journey. Wanting to do something special for the girls 10th birthday, the unnamed craftsman built a magnificent dollhouse with matching play figures on the side.

    Sabrina played with the toy set for many years and often collected new figures to add to her llittle growing town. She even picked out some of her favorite toy pokemon to be guardians of the Dollhouse. Time passed and the toys were soon handed down to new owner after new owner. With every additional young master, the size of the town grew. Hundreds of years later, (about near the present or around the time of Pokemon Black and White) the Dollhouse collection had grown from a single nice house, into a rather impressive small village, with little plastic shops, food, monuments and all sorts of things. Somewhere within Saffron city, the toy town had found its latest owner, another girl named Sabrina.

    However, this change of possession was no coincidence. Every owner of the Dollhouse just so happend to share the same name and even more mysterious still, has been the string of seemingly unrelated pokemon disappearences. For decades, wild pokemon in and around Saffron city had been going missing. What no one suspects, is that the pocket monsters are being shrunken and trapped inside of the toy set!

    As it turns out, the materials used to construct the original Dollhouse were cursed! Even though being turned into a toy meant gaining a sort of immortality, the price is that a pokemons previous life is left behind forever. Many victims have been action figures for so long that they have forgotton that they were ever full sized creatures. It is not all depressing news, living in the toy town is very peaceful and quiet so long as no one approaches Sabrinas house. (not her REAL house, the miniture version)

    Sabrinas dollhouse is large enough to be a hotel but it is really just a place for Sabrinas chosen pokemon to stay. Oddly enough, the basement is considered off limits even to the chosen ones but no one has ever questioned this rule. Sometimes newly arrived pokemon want to leave and get back to the "real" world. It has long been rumored that the way to accomplish this is was to build a large enough stack of building blocks to reach above the clouds. But since breaking the spell might mean an end to the toy land, many of the residents are too scared to try anything because no one is sure of what will happen afterwards.

    Not to mention that Sabrinas chosen pokemon usually sabotage any and all attempts at escape, which leads to the new comers eventually giving up. Although the chosen pokemon themselves are not entirely sure of what is going on either. Many strange secrets and mysteries are thought to be inside of Sabrinas Dollhouse, (especially the basement) but for the most part everything just stays the same day after day, which is not necessarily a bad thing. As yet another group of fresh arrivals lands into the toy town, one cannot help but wonder if this will be the group that sets everyone free or if they will join the rest, in eternal dollhood?!!!

    No Godmoding

    Players may choose 1 of 3 character types:
    New arrival - Pokemon new to the toy world
    Resident - Pokemon that have been toys for a while already
    Sabrinas chosen - Pokemon that have been inside of the dollhouse since near the very beginning.

    Even though each type has slightly different goals according to the plot, players are not restricted to only taking certain actions. (for example, a New arrival could choose to sabotage the others escape attempts if they wanted to)

    Pokemon battling is allowed but if a pokemon is knocked out then they would be broken into pieces and would need to put themselves back together, which could take some time.

    Side stories are encouraged and players may also temporarily take control of non player pokemon. (try to avoid controlling each other though)

    Character type:
    Pokemon age:
    Species: (no legendaries)
    Personality: (at least a sentence or two)
    Appearence: (at least a sentence or two)
    History: (at least a sentence or two)

    (Characters are free to use any level up or egg moves during the rpg)
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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    Recycled character for the heck of it. Are abilities allowed too?

    Name: Zonta

    Character type: Resident (been there for a few months)

    Pokémon age: 13

    Gender: Female

    Species: Zorua

    Personality: Zonta is the opposite of what her name means, it means honest and trustworthy, she is anything but that. She’s well known for being a liar and doesn't feel guilt for manipulating other Pokémon into doing work for her. Her manipulative trait comes from trust issues; she believes that it’s easier to make a false connection than a real one so that it wouldn't really hurt when someone she knows is gone. If she loses someone she cares about, she will often hide any sign of mourning and would try to find someone to aim her anger at. Zonta is boastful when she actually has something to brag about, and she often gives nicknames to the Pokémon she meets. Zonta’s weaknesses are humans (preferably reckless and young ones) and motherly figures (she trusts them too easily due to the absence of her mother while growing up, so she might accidentally trust someone who's deceiving her).

    Appearance: Zonta is currently a plastic Zorua doll with two glass eyes. Everything about her is normal except for her right glass eye, which is horribly cracked. The eye reflects her living form, which has a large scar from a previous injury that had made her blind in that eye.

    History: Zonta was born in Lostlorn forest of the Unova region, and was captured by a Trainer at around the age of 3. Since then she has had a long history of battling and being traded off, going to reckless and younger trainers as the time passed by. She was sometimes beaten by her aggressive and headstrong trainers whenever she lost an important battle, thus making her fear and hate most humans. She gained her scar from a wild Pokémon battle in Johto. Zonta was traded to a new Trainer in the Kanto region, but this had finally made her snap and she lashed out at the trainer at any chance she got. Zonta was later abandoned at Saffron City, where a young girl named Sabrina had found the Zorua.
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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    For abilities I am leaning no due to the effects of the toy world.

    But in other news, Zonta the Zorua is, Approved!

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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    Does Rotom count? Everyone thinks it's a legendary, but i don't think it is.

    Name: "All In Six Magic Rotom Pokeformer Transformer Knockoff", or AISRPTK (pronounced as 'as-erp-tick') the Rotom

    Character Type: New Arrival (part of the new Pokeformers Prime-ape range)

    Pokemon Age: Well, if it was in it's original proto-type state, it would date back to 118 Rotom years (9 months in normal time)

    Gender: None (?) Well, it could be male due to it's Megatron* like voice, but it was built by man, so possibly no.

    * = the one from the live action films by Micheal Bay.

    Species: Rotom

    Personailty: AISRPTK is described from the blurb of it's toy package, the leader of the Denialotrons (Decepticon knockoff), and can change personality from one form of it's body/function to another. When being normal, AISRPTK is hatred and evil, plotting for some ways to get rid off old toys to be the leader of a tribe of new toys, while being impish and scary. When AISRPTK is in Frost forme, it is more cold and heartless and can even be sad enough to manipluate other old toys. When it is in Heat forme, it can be hot-headed and can go on a rampage that meltdowns anything. When in Wash forme, it can cause intimdating water to cause stratergies to scare away old toys. It will be in a 'whirlpool' type of crazyness. When in Fan forme, it can cool down hot-headed goons and evil allies and can be anything evil. And finally in Mow forme, it goes to an extreme measurement of flaming (or, happily in a state of anger) madness and can speed up the ideas in his thoughts and cause more chaos. It's weakness is Thunderstorms, and any brave hero toys who are very old. Especially the original range of the Motormachines. (Yet again, this is a knock off to another Transformer term, Autobots)

    Apperance: AISRPTK's body in Normal forme is a giant robo-tized mecha version of a regular Rotom. It can change into five more mecha-terryifying versions of the Rotom formes: Wash, Freeze, Heat, Fan and Mow. Simplfully they are almost the same to the corresponding respective formes.

    History: It's a Transformer knock off. It's Rotom. Well, it is actually from the original spirit of a Rotom. It was dying of old age untill it was able to possess a proto-type of the new AISRPTK Pokeformer. Now it will seek revenge of any old Pokemon, or toy!

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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    Name: Ehm
    Character type: New Arrival
    Pokemon age: 15
    Gender: Male
    Species: Emolga
    Personality: Hot-headed but easily swayed from his opinion. Considered gullible because of his kind-hearted nature. He is also an emotional pokemon, if he sees something sad, he'll burst into tears.
    Appearence: He is plastic, with a tuft of hair between his large ears. He has a white face, belly, feet, and underneath his arm-wings. He has a black head, arms, tail, and arm-wings. He has heterochromial light blue and red eyes.
    History: Ehm was hatched in a Daycare, but his trainer never came back for him. He eventually went and lived with an old Stoutland until he turned 13. He decided it was time to find a new place to reside. He eventually found Saffron City, upon finding it, he blacked out. He will wake up inside the toy town.

    (Did I miss anything?)

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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    I can barely understand half of what you are saying but AISRPTK is, Approved!

    Aerodine you got everything and so Ehm is hereby, Approved!

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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    Hmmmm.... Alright you've intrigued me. I'll give this a go.

    Name: Rina
    Character type: New arrival
    Pokemon age: 12
    Gender: Female
    Species: Snivy
    Personality: Rina is kind and gentle and loves to help others. She wouldn't hurt a fly. She's also quiet and very calm but will talk when spoken to. she can be quite gullible at times though which can lead to problems for herself and her friends. Rina hates egotistical people she isn't afraid to speak her mind. Adele likes to try and make friends with just about anyone which is probably what led to her gullibility.

    Appearence: Rina is a wind-up toy (Similar to the ones in the Pokemon Rumble games.) she is able to move faster when she is wound up using her tail. Once she is wound down her moves are sluggish.

    HIstory: Rina was a trainer's starter pokemon, who decided to break from tradition and go to Kanto for his journey instead of traveling in Unova. Unfortunately there was a shipwreck and Rina fell overboard, miraculously she managed to swim to shore. Her search for her trainer took her to Saffron City she suddenly felt dizzy and the next thing she knew she was in a toy town.

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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    Rina, Approved!

    And while Im here,
    Name: Sabin
    Character type: Resident
    Pokemon age: 20
    Gender: boy
    Species: Meowth

    Personality: Sabin is a fiercly independant kind of cat but he also has a cooperative side when he feels like it. If there is an emergency, he will be one of the first pokemon to put his differences aside for the common good.

    Appearence: He pretty much looks like an average plastic Meowth although his black eyes have a nice orange tint to them. The charm on Sabins forehead is made up of some sort of shiny opaque material that might be crystal or even an unidentified mineral.

    History: As a kitten, Sabin often went between Viridian and Illex forests chasing wild bug pokemon. He usually did not catch anything but it was still entertaining to follow the Butterfrees around. Occasionally he would even stalk a flying bug a little bit further than normal and wind up in different towns and places. On one fateful day while Sabin was busy crouching and sneaking through some tall grass near Celadon city, he suddenly felt dizzy, sleepy and hungry all at the same time. He decided to take a quick nap but when he awoke, Sabin realized that he was not in Kanto anymore.

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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    I'm not trying to rush you at all, but when is the Start-Up getting posted?

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    Default Re: PMD: Sabrinas Dollhouse (su)

    I would say that we only need a few more players to start
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