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    You know what? I've had it with RPs that start, reach one page and then die unceremoniously. It's the way around here, but fuck convention, we can always do it better! Please, make sure if you sign up, you want to see the RP to the end. And of course this goes two ways, if you're gonna be in it for the long haul, you're going want it to be an RP experience you enjoy. As such, for the love of God, Buddha and Arceus if something to do with the RP is making you hesitant to post, then tell me! I'm not the best GM around, and nobody's perfect, so I welcome any chance to improve. I won't be insulted as long as the criticism is constructive; I'd take greater offense to “it's not very good” than I would if you said “This shit is fucking impossible to follow and your characters could only be less believable if they walked around with lit rockets in their arseholes.”

    Now my rant is out of the way, the RP itself. It's sort or “PMD only because the plot concerns humans that transform into pokémon.” Ostensibly, it takes place in the real world, although of course the Pokémon franchise doesn't exist here. Your characters live normal lives. They don't know each other and may even live separated from each other by national borders. Of course, it isn't going to stay that way. They're whisked away to an island of unknown location, populated entirely by pokémon. And what waits there? You'll find out soon enough.

    Interested? Here's some ground rules.

    Sign Up and My character (Maximum of 2 characters per person).

    Name: No shit, Sherlock.
    Age:Equally little shit, Sherlock.
    Gender: /
    Appearance: Real world, obviously. It's pretty clear what they'd look like as a pokémon.
    Skills: Whether relevant and useful or not! For example, feel free to note if your character is 'pretty good at making paper planes'
    Hometown: Where do they live?
    Personality: What are they like? What kind of dude/dudette are they?
    Past:Who were they? Just a short bit about their history
    Pokémon: Which pokémon will they be? Don't worry if someone else has 'taken' it – there's more than one of most species of pokémon and that's the same here.
    Gush: Just write a bit about your character, why you made them like you did, what inspired them maybe?

    My Own Character
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