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    Pumpkin PMD: I Ain't afraid of no Ghosts! (SU) Rated Teen

    No one is sure of exactly why but the psychic pokemon have gone mad with power and used their abilities to enslave mankind. Pokemon trainers, doctors and even professors all do the bidding of their new masters and within only a short amount of time, almost all of Kanto is brought under Psychic control. However even the most powerful of the evil psychic pokemon are reluctant to invade Lavender town, for fear of the many ghosts that inhabit the area. The psychics still plot to somehow destroy Lavender town, as it is the last remaining obstacle to full control of the region and eventual global domination!
    The once carefree wandering ghosts have decided to put a stop to the evil pokemons schemes but with the Psychic pokemon minions closing in, is it already too late?

    In this RP, the Ghost pokemon are the good guys and you may play as any (non legendary and before gen 6) ghost type.

    (optional) Placing your characters location at the top of each post
    No godmoding
    No sex scenes
    No controlling other player characters

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    Appearance: (include any special markings or accessories)
    4 moves: (optional)

    Questions or comments? Ask away
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    Name: Elena III (just goes by Elena)

    Species: Litwick

    Age: 10

    Appearance: The only difference between her and her species is that the colors of her flame are reversed. The purple is at the bottom and the blue is at the tip.

    History: Elena was born in Kalos, named after her mother who was named after her grandmother. She spent most of her time wandering about the Lost Hotel, befriending plenty of other ghost types. But whenever her grandmother was brought up in a conversation, she was reminded that she and her descendants will always be in the shadow of her. Her grandmother was said to be the strongest Chandelure in the Unova region, rumored to be even stronger than the one trained by Shauna of the Elite Four. So in order to leave the shadow of her ancestor, Elena attempted to stowaway on a boat to Unova so she could follow in her steps, but accidentally ended up in Kanto. From there on, she traveled to Lavender Town up until the Psychic types attacked the region.

    4 moves: Hex, Inferno, Energy Ball, and Flash. Her ability is Shadow Tag.

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    Name: Spooken Scarehaunt

    Species: Ghastly

    Age: 13

    Appearance: Normal Gastly but smaller

    History: Spooken has always been the runt of the group, and he was bullied a lot. However, one day, when Team Rocket came, all the normal ghost types were scared to fight back. Spooken gathered courage and drove them away. Spooken was no longer considered a runt, instead, he was treated well from that moment on.

    4 moves: Hypnosis, Lick, Curse, Spite. Ability: Levitate.
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    Default Re: PMD: I Ain't afraid of no Ghosts! (SU) Rated Teen

    Elena and Spooken, Approved!

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    Default Re: PMD: I Ain't afraid of no Ghosts! (SU) Rated Teen

    Name: Omi

    Species: Shedinja

    Age: 436

    Appearance: Though a (nearly) immortal Ghost-type, Omi shows a few signs of his great age. His shell is covered in a spider-web of shallow cracks in the surface, and the ends of his "wings" are more frayed than normal. He wears the Wise Glasses over his empty eye-holes. A red circle is painted onto the center of Omi's "halo."

    History: Yabu was the Nincada of a young warrior back in the feudal age. Fiercely loyal, Yabu strove to become ever stronger for his master, and when he evolved into a Ninjask, Omi came into being. Side by side, Yabu and Omi worked for their master, as he became more powerful and influential. Yabu was their master's right hand, fulfilling all his wishes. Omi was his bodyguard, always watching over their shoulders, and absorbing more than one assassination attempt with his Wonder Guard. Those days have long since vanished, though. Yabu and the master have departed, leaving Omi behind to wander the world. After many years, he eventually found a place near the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town.

    4 moves: Confuse Ray, Protect, Bug Buzz, Shadow Ball

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    Default Re: PMD: I Ain't afraid of no Ghosts! (SU) Rated Teen

    Omi, the loyal Shedinja, Approved!


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