This is an rpg version of the second Pirates of The Caribbean film ; The Dead Man's Chest. I found Curse of The Black Pearl to be a little boring for my taste so I apologize for skipping that.

Plot:After finally regaining the Black Pearl from Barbossa, Captain Jack Sparrow is ready to set out on his quest for immortality. However, he quickly finds himself in hot water once again as he receives a visit from a crewmember of Davy Jones. Now Jack must find a way to settle his debt to Jones. But Jack won't be alone in this quest. The loyal crew of the Black Pearl will assist him on his journey.

Meanwhile, the Royal Navy has been taken over by Lord Beckett, a power hungry tyrant who wishes to eliminate all pirates, on their wedding day, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann find themselves arrested for previously helping to free Jack. Convinced that Jack's compass is the only way to save Elizabeth from the gallows, Will sets out to find Jack. However, Elizabeth negotiates with Cutler Beckett and has also started her own quest to find Jack. The trio find themselves meeting up with old allies such as Gibbs and Tia Dalma and also old enemies such as Commodore Norrington.

The Black Pearl - Captain Jack Sparrow
The Flying Dutch Man - Davy Jones
HMS Endeavor - The Royal Navy ; Lord Beckett

Sign Up Example:
Name:Philip Shaw
Crew:The Black Pearl
Allegiance:The Black Pearl
Personality:Philip is a very quiet man who tends to keep to himself. He usually will not speak unless spoken to. Not much is known about him.
Appearance:Philip's few grey hairs are covered by a bandana tied tightly around his head, a few grey hairs can be seen around his mouth and chin. Philip wears old and ragged pirate clothes covered in a mixture of dirt and blood.
Age:Late 40's - Early 50's
History:Philip's father was an Admiral in the Royal Navy and expected his son to follow in his footsteps. Philip, however, quickly grew to despise the navy and see them as tyrants. At the age of nineteen, Philip ran away from home to be a pirate. Philip was later recruited by Jack Sparrow in Tortuga. Philip opposed the mutiny against Jack Sparrow but was forced to serve under Barbossa's rule. Philip assisted Jack in the fight to win back the Black Pearl.
Inventory:Cutlass, Pistol

Appearance:Like any average Beagle. Porthos has a blue bandana tied around his neck.
Personality:Porthos is the faithful pet of Philip. Like Philip, Porthos assisted Jack Sparrow in the battle to win back his ship.
History:Philip found Porthos tied up and beaten in Tortuga when he first ran away. Philip took pity on the dog and untied him. Porthos became attached to Philip and refused to leave him. Ever since then, Porthos had followed Philip everywhere.
Other:Since Porthos was a member of the Black Pearl when it was cursed, he cannot die, just like the other members of the crew.

1)No godmodding please
2)Please respect your fellow rpers and the GM
3)If you have any questions, just ask.