I don't know if this is allowed or not but I want to give this a try. I want to make a group RP where its over skype. I think it will be faster and well...better in a way.
I want to make a pokemon trainer RP sort of thing. Where we start off on a journey. Now, This journey we would either be making up on the way or I already have a map laid out and I would tell you on the way. Or at least a little of it before we start. Now here id whats allowed.

You can choose a baby pokemon that has its egg moves and everything. lvl 5 is the beginning of the pokemon. If you would like to start off with an egg instead and just go with that thats would be fine with me. Otherwise I hope a lvl 5 will be okay.

You can train your pokemon so they lvl faster but no shines I'm afraid. I don't want them to have anything special I want this as real as possible but with anime tendency's. IF you cannot decide on a starter pokemon then please take a quiz! Take this one please! Or if you know of a better one then post it here thanks!

Um lets see. I know there is more but I'm new at this and its been a long time. so please either Pm me or put a pokemon trainer bio here. then I can decided how well you do. I've got one or two characters in mind already.